Transmission Fields

Transmission Fields

 Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

"Crafted with a strong ear for multi-part harmonies, and an obvious fondness for gentle synth and keyboard baubles, the T-Fields' user-friendly melodies land somewhere between Beulah's quirk and Coldplay's orchestral swoon on the sounds-like meter." Schacht - Creative Loafing


Transmission Fields is a band based out of Charlotte, NC with members hailing from the Midwest and the Southeast. Influences range from Hook oriented 3 minute pop tunes to intricate, orchestrated Experimental/Chamber rock.

The band signed with Spectra Records at the beginning of 2010 with the first release hitting shelves in August of 2010.

A review of the Self-Titled, Spectra Records release:

"Calling a band radio-ready is often seen as a damning praise. After all, most (commercial) radio plays about as many songs as there are spaces on a bingo card, and each of those spaces is usually filled by a band playing one hyper-predictable, super specific genre cliché or another. What's more, there's no longer any "free space" in the middle for anything different or unique to gain traction.

Too bad for radio, then, as this self-titled release, eminently hummable/harmonizable, is a little gem for those who like their pop rock like R.E.M. or Built to Spill make it: a little angular, a little obscure, and a lot of fun.

Guitarist Neil Hunter's spidery, Peter Buck-esque riffs, just as high in the ever-insistent mix as Lee Neitzel's easy/beatific vocals, takes listeners back (and hopefully, forward) to an era when rock radio didn't mean also playing an endless game of Spot the Influence."


Self-Titled: On Spectra Records
Garage Band Tribute to The Beatles Vol 2

Set List

Wrecking Ball
While I Sleep
Did It Wrong
The Understated Song
Eleanor Rigby (Cover)
Waking Up
State of Disrepair