Transmit Now

Transmit Now

 Orlando, Florida, USA

The best band you just heard about! Signed to the Silent Majority Group (Warner Bros./ILG)


*Transmit Now has had songs placed in the following programs:*

MTV Video Music Awards
Making The Band 4 (MTV)
Paris Hilton's My New BFF (MTV)
SportsCenter (ESPN)
The Daily Buzz (Nationally Syndicated)
Peoples Choice Awards (CBS)
The Vault (LCN)

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Alternative Press
The Daily Chorus
Absolute Punk
Cosmo Girl
Girl's Life
Justine Magazine
South Florida Insider
Modern Drummer Magazine
Punk Globe Magazine
Stardust Entertainment
Online Drummer
Broken Records Magazine
Rock On Request Magazine
Guerilla Radio
Music Interviews Now
Crank It Magazine
Florida Entertainment Scene
Alternative Addiction
Nyght Scene Magazine
Get In Magazine
Mixed Tape Interviews
J-14 Magazine
TWINS Magazine
M! Magazine
Twist Magazine

*Transmit Now has shared the stage with the following artists:*

Bowling For Soup
Mayday Parade
Framing Hanley
The Veer Union
There For Tomorrow
Mercy Mercedes
Pop Evil
Straylight Run
The Dollyrots
Like A Storm

Transmit Now is a Powerpop-rock quintet rising from the already vibrant Central Florida music scene. Starting their careers with a slot on the 2008 Warped Tour in Orlando, Transmit Now was determined to be noticed from the get go!
The band chose to work with producers Pete Thornton (Paramore, Shinedown) and Brooks Paschal (Sullivan) on their debut Self-Titled release which went on to garner much press from the likes of MTV, Alternative Press, AbsolutePunk and The Daily Chorus.

With Transmit Now already having numerous self booked tours under their belt, along with a full blown national tour with Framing Hanley and The Veer Union, they have no intention of slowing down just yet; managing to share the stage with the likes of Anberlin, Framing Hanley, Mayday Parade, Mercy Mercedes and many more.

The next chapter in the Transmit Now story began in early 2009 with the guys teaming up with music industry heavyweight Jeff Hanson (Creed, Sevendust) and his record label, Silent Majority Group (Warner Bros./ILG).

With the guidance of SMG and along with producer Brett Hestla (Framing Hanley, Dark New Day), the band recorded its first full-length record due out in early 2010. The story won’t end here – it will continue to unfold as the band works harder and harder to pen their names in today’s modern rock scene!


Let's Go Out Tonight

Written By: Transmit Now

She motions baby come on with it, come on with it, I'm ready for anything, baby you and me.
I'm feeling so over this, I'll let go of it, I'm ready for anything
Can't you see through me?

She said take me like you want me, cause you're never gonna get me alone again
Take me like you want me cause you're never gonna get me alone, and I think you should follow me out.

So let’s go out tonight, I'm gonna show you all the ways I want you,
Show me the way that you move your body,
You know I love the way you dance up on me.
So let’s go out tonight, and we can tear this town apart together,
If you wont speak then I wont wait, you shouldn’t think about it anyway.

Hold on tight, close your eyes, just take a breath and hold it in, it will be alright.
What I'm trying to say, is that there is no other way, I'm thinking you should just stay and take me...

I don’t meant to be rude, I just have to ask you, this time I know I’m ready for this, I know this time I’m ready for you.

She said "alive, alive is my body tonight, and I'm dying to feel you inside, but it's only this way for tonight"

She said "I've done it again, I've done it again",
she's smiling while undoing her dress, and loving this mess created by the loneliest kiss put on my lips I know …

Poster Boys

Written By: Transmit Now

We’ll be your poster boys for maybe a minute, until the bottom’s out from under and they send in the cynics
We’ll be jumping into be with the “it” girl of the minute
Until this fickle fascination ends now send in your critics

So they can tear us down, and let us know that we’re no good for the radio, here we come, there we go…
I think it’s time that we should go

So do you want to come with me?
We can get away and never look back
We can runaway and that’s a fact
What do you think about that?
I think it sounds so sweet that we should start right now

We’ve been your poster boys for maybe ten minutes so with the five left of the clock I think that we should live it up so when the record doesn’t chart and the label forgets it we can still jump ourselves in bed with the “it” girls of the minute

So they can lift us up and let us know how they loved our song from the radio, easy come, easy go
I think it’s time that we should go

Come with me, we can runaway and never look back
We can get away, that’s a fact, I think about that
I think it’s you and me baby on a one-way track

Then they pick us up off of the ground,
and tell us how they love our sound,
we’re the poster boys with the paper crown
Do you want to go?


Written By: Transmit Now

Well get in line and with the times, cause that’s what good people do
Shine up your shoes, put on your suit so we can fit in with you
Normalcy is ideology; it’s meant to keep you in place
But the truth is that we’re all messed up, put a smile on your face!

We all got issues don’t let them convince you, that you’re not okay just the way that you are.
We all got issues don’t let them resist you, keep pushing along and along and along.

The daily grind has got your mind tied up and twisting on you,
Lace up your boots; hit the commute cause it’s what we gotta do

Normalcy is ideology; it’s meant to keep you in place
But the truth is that we’re all messed up in our own messed up ways

Fast Ride

Written By: Transmit Now

Right now the diamonds that I’m standing on have turned to stone
Right now everyone I’m counting on is striking out
So sit, I can tell you stories now, don’t let them in
Here with all these empty promises, I could fill a room with them

It’s like a nervous tick; they tell you that you’re everything
But they don’t even know just how to make you what they say
That you can be, you’ll never be, don’t follow him, just follow me and you’ll be

Alright, sitting pretty in your fast ride, watching all the girls with stars in their eyes
Passing you by, wishing they could be with you for just one night.

Hands out, the stones back into diamonds now, they all expect
A piece due them for all their troubles, but they won’t collect
Just sit, I can tell you stories now, don’t let them in
Hands full, full of empty promises, I’d fill a room with them

What You're Thinking

Written By: Transmit Now

Well now I’m ready to go and I see you are too, can’t take your eyes of me
Can’t take my eyes off you

I make my way to the door and I graze by you hand, you’re three sheets to the wind, and so you pull me in.

This bar doesn’t close for an hour or two
But I’ve got my eyes set on you

So tell me what you’re thinking
Cause if it’s what I’m thinking, we can blame it on the drinking and have ourselves a good time

I’ll tell you what I’m thinking, let’s have another drink and you and I can go and sink into my bed tonight

Well now she’s ready to go and I think I am too, so go and hide that ring, we’ll make a mess of things
We make our way through the crowd as we are hand in hand
I’m three sheets to the wind, and so I pull her in

Oh yeah all right it’s on tonight we’re gonna make something, we’re gonna break something
Oh yeah all right we’re on tonight, I know you feel so wrong, I’ll make you feel so right.

Wish You Well

Written By: Transmit Now

I’ll play the hand I’ve been dealt in this game
With no rules I’m just trying to win this one.

I've been splicing negatives together just to fill out this frame
Now who would have thought at all?

I see you coming over my way, I have to go…

And I wish you well
I wish you well
This is starting to break, starting to break me down.

I long for days wasting time in your bed
and we’d say there’s no place on the earth we’d rather be.

But now I know, better and whether it’s
Better or not just to leave you alone.
Now who would have thought at all?

Pick Up The Phone

Written By: Transmit Now

Oh here we go this is the scenario, these are the words coming from your stereo
So turn us up and we’ll turn you on move your body to the beat of the song

Yeah there you go, we’ve got you’re attention, there’s no need, for this apprehension
Just turn us up and we’ll turn you on, move your body to the beat of the song.

Just don’t leave me hanging, that’s all I’m saying

Pick up the phone, pick up the phone,
This is an emergency call, urgency call
You got me dialing 911, cause girl you are the only one
Pick up the phone, pick up the phone
I know that you are sitting at home, sitting alone
I know you want the 411, cause girl you are the only one

You got me here outside of your window, but all I hear
Is the sound of a dial tone, so count me in, don’t you tune me out, it’s you and me was there ever a doubt?

Now that you know, about my intentions, what got us here, in this situation?
I begging you just to let me know, so baby girl won’t you pick up the phone?

Wait, listen up carefully, and move yourself to the beat
Can’t you see? You and me, we’re as right as right can be

The Last Thing

Written By: Transmit Now

I don’t know what you want from me
I’ve been tossing and turning in
My bed, losing sleep over this
And I don’t know what I need to do

Who I am lately is not who I want to be
Listen up to me, I could be anything for you

What would you say, what would you do
If I was to say, I’d wait here for you
Would you cast me away, and say that we’re through
Cause I won’t be giving up, giving up on me and you
That’s the last thing that I’d ever do

I know I have done wrong
But I’m trying to make it all right
Cause I’ve been to the edge and seen what could be
And all I know is now I can see that

Rewrite the end of this
I’ve made a mess of it
Torn it to shreds, I frayed all the ends
But I’m holding together the pieces of whatever’s left

She Likes It

Written By: Transmit Now`

So this is passion in a rather un-poetic fashion,
Sprawled across your bedroom floor entranced in,
Fits of rage turned into air we’re gasping.

And I’m held captive by your bodies precious prison
Wrapped in lust filled blankets and the smell of ash in
The air and they tell me that this is passion.

And I’m raiding your life like this empty liquor cabinet,
I know we’re flirting with disaster, right now...

Because she likes it, Oh baby I like it.
And I know, I know she likes it, when there’s no time to breathe.

Baby blue eyes, I still smell you in my bedroom at night
See your body when I close my eyes tight
See you shutter as my hands graze your thighs.

Well this is all I’ve got
So baby, baby am I all you want?
Because when the sun comes up, I’ll be your favorite mistake.

And I’ll leave you with the remnants
Short of breath and empty handed
Feeling empty and unsatisfied
To tell the truth it was all lies.

It is tempting to walk out the door
It’s hard when I’m looking at you
When lust is in total control
So go, wrap your lips around me girl
Now you know what you’ve gotten into
How poetically placed we are now.


Self Titled EP (2008)
Test, Test EP (2009)
Downtown Merry-Go-Round (2010)

Set List

She Likes It
Everything's Alright
Wish You Well
Let's Go Out Tonight
Stop Stop
What You're Thinking
The Last Thing
Don't Let Go
Pick Up The Phone
Miss American Dream
Living Dead Man
Fast Ride