Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA

Transmitters set the dial between 1963-1968, focusing on rare Rocksteady records, intermingled with elements of ska and soul.


Transmitters are not your typical reggae band. Starting up in the guitarist's woodworking shop, the band's roots in rare, rocksteady B-sides have made them stand out as a band with a different approach.

While their overall sound resembles old school reggae, the band includes five members whose musical background ranges from jazz to punk rock. Larry Hinkle, guitar, and Mark Doron, drums, started the band in 2005, recording their project with a 4 track. Mesmerized by Mo Marsh's singing in his former band, Doron and Hinkle invited him to record. Marsh brought his good friend, vocalist and bass player John Buck, to join the group. After a successful first demo, Marsh recommended Jay Starling, on keys, to round out the group.

"Don't replace the old with the new" is the Transmitter's motto. Their old-school sound incorporates dub and dance hall elements, which are intermingled with three part harmonies, making their sound mesmerizing, danceable and perfect for the festival atmosphere. Rendering influence from vocalists like Ken Boothe, Delroy Wilson and bands such as the Heptones and the Melodians, they also resemble current bands such as the Frightnrs and the Aggrolites.

Transmitters have played up and down the East Coast and their following grows with every performance. They have backed fellow Virginian Keller Williams on occasion, and they have also played with such artists as SOJA, Kevin Kinsella of John Brown’s Body and Jah Works. Transmitters have also had the pleasure of opening for Little Feat and The Original Wailers.


Crisis - 2005
Transmitters - 2007
Live at the Loft 25 X 08 - 2008

Set List

(sets run approximately one hour)

Shakin' Up Orange Street - cover
Harvest Uptown, Famine Downtown - cover
Oh No, Yeah Yeah
Moving Away - cover
Ain't No Sunshine - cover
Hot Cheese
We Don't Hurt Nobody
Second Chance - cover
Choose of Colors - cover
Sleepwalk - cover
Down In the Roses
The Drifter - cover
Tell Me
Down By the River - cover
Charles Street Hustle