San Antonio, Texas, USA

transponder is a 4 piece progressive/indie/art rock band from san antonio that embodies the spirit of south texas. our music is very emotional but not in that typical emo way. it's more abrasive and in your face and you will be sure that we will be heard.


transponder embodies the heart and soul of san antonio and texas in general. being heavily influenced by fellow texas rockers at the drive-in and trail of dead, our music has no boundries, just the same. jacob's roots are deeply inbeaded in heavy metal music being involved in the underground metal scene for years touring with bands dying fetus, misery-index, cephalic carnage, zyklon, deicide, morbid angel and darkest hour to name a few. geoff is classically trained on the cello and is heavily influenced by classical music which is evident in the songs. w.j. has been playing south texas honky tonks with his father since he could reach the kick drum pedal. in high school, he found punk rock and since then his drumming has progessed into what it is today. jake olsen is the newest member of the band. he adds a fresh young and melodic style of bass that fits very well. other influences are bjork, fugazi, these arms are snakes, radiohead, and coldplay to name a few. what sets us apart from other band is the ability to break off into what ever style of music we feel. our style has no boundaries or limitations to what we can accomplish. our music is our identity and we feel that that is sufficient in an industry of fashion and gimmicks, that is secondary to us.


our first single "brighter than the sun" appeared on a local compilation called "staring at the sun" which was release in 2003. that track recieved air time on san antonio's major rock station 99.5 kiss fm. our second single, "so worried" which is on this site, came out on a regional benefit compilation entitle "caring through rock'n'roll no.1. this one also recieved radio airplay on a some collage radio stations and kiss fm once again. our latest single entitled "write it down" which will be coming out later this month on a "tub records" compilation is sure to be a hit. it's an 8 minute song that was actually to long for this site but you can listen to it at our debut full length is in the works and should be out late this summer.

Set List

our normal set list consists of 5 songs with a couple of jams along the way which last about 45 minutes. we try to change things up as much as possible but being aware of what song fit's where, is very important to a successful set. we start off with a melodic, soft flowing intro that leads into offending freedom, an energetic, in your face number. we'll keep the energy going with so worried that leads into a jam that goes on for about 16 minutes. depending on how much time we have will dictate the rest of our set. we'll end up playing write it down last. it's a real emotional uplifting song that resonates through the soul.