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The best kept secret in music


"Beats & Rhymes"

Another cat topping my up-and-coming list is Transit, based out of the 519. He’s got an underground CD floating around which I highly recommend. Holler at him:

1 Mindbender: In Another Universe ( 2 Mackenzie: demo 3 V/A: Divine Vinyl EP ( 4 Kardinal Offishall: FireStarter (MCA/Universal) 5Tachichi: Truth of the Trade ( 6Governor Bolts: A Crooked Mile ( 7. Transit: Year of the Taurus ( 8 Montana Mathew & Nevada Brown: Southern Comfort ( 9 Oddities: demo ( - Vice Magazine; Volume 8, Number 8

"Beats & Rhymes"

What’s crack-a-lacking? 2001 is coming to an end, so you know what time it is... time for my annual “Fritz the Cat’s GREEN BOTTLES RAP AWARDS.” Basically, this is the shit I liked and didn’t like in 2001.


Transit: Year of the Taurus. If you haven’t heard this kid yet, holler at me and I’ll tell you how to get a copy. Smooth, intelligent lyrics, sudsy production, and a pleasant aftertaste, a nice brew. Runners-up: Zest the Smoker, Oddities, Tachichi, Mindbender, True, Eternia, Kamau, Mackenzie, Ndidi, Collizhun, Kaleb, DJ Frane. - Vice Magazine; Volume 8, Number 10

"Beats & Rhymes"

Is it true that Transit, from London (Canada, not UK), has sold over a thousand CD-Rs of his EP!? CD-Rs!? What the fuck? How is this possible? Hit him up for your copy before this kid blows up. - Vice Magazine; Volume 9, Number 3

"Beats & Rhymes"

Fritz le Chat's Sixth Annual Rap Awards

Jon Juan & Record Face
Transit & DJ Tonic
Montana Slim & Nevada Brown - Vice Magazine; Volume 11, Number 1

"Transit Taste Of The Taurus CD Review"

By Thomas Quinlan
June 04, 2002

Taste of the Taurus, a demo CD by London, ON's Transit, is drenched in synthetic strings and keys and smooth flows touching on tried and true topics like weed, better days and the near-requisite ode to mothers. It's a demo, so the beats occasionally sound cheap, but all three producers (DJ Tonic, KX and Transit himself) contribute bangers and boners. Transit opens the 11-song EP with a self-produced soothing beat that narrowly avoids being too long. He follows that up with "High Days," a ganja-rific channelling of Snoop Dogg, not so much in vocals but in overall atmosphere, complete down to the g-funk chorus. It's his own song and it's good, but following the chilled-out intro instrumental it leads to thoughts of "Oh no, another weed album." But it's not. Taste of the Taurus is so much more. Sure, there are some moments where Transit's flow is a little rough, but most often this Collapsyllables MC is one with the beat. And except for the corny chorus on "Sunny Days," a feel good track à la Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince's "Summertime," Taste is actually an enjoyable listen. Especially the chunk of good songs in the middle that work well together, beginning with the violin-heavy battle cry of "The Tradition," followed by another smoked-out instrumental, the first chapter in a tale of a young bitty entitled "Bobby Blue," to finally end with the braggadocio of "Playerz." "Transmit" and "Mama Bear (Mothers Anthem)" bring it down a couple of notches until "The Music," a great hip-hop/jazz-funk synthesis that feels live, thanks to bass by Rae Rock, with a nice backing vocal assist from Ariel. It may not be flawless, but Taste of the Taurus exposes an MC headed in the right direction. It will be interesting to hear what's next. - Exclaim Magazine


2001 – Transit – “Taste Of The Taurus” EP – CD – Fivenineteen Records

2002 – Transit – “Year Of The Taurus” LP – CD – Fivenineteen Records

2004 – Transit – “Precrime” EP – CD – Fivenineteen Records
- Transit - "Everything" single is receiving radio play on London's 106.9 The X Urban FM and CHRW 94.9 FM
- Transit - "Big Bottom Pro's" single is receiving radio play on London's 106.9 The X Urban FM and CHRW 94.9 FM


Feeling a bit camera shy


In 1997 Transit and Tonic formed and burst onto London’s growing hip-hop scene. Coupled with a love for music, and all essences of the hip-hop genre, the duo worked hard to pool their energy into their first project. The unique combination of Tonic’s (Scott McManus) versatile production and musical expertise with Transit’s (Justin Morsby) diverse, baritone flow and delivery made “Year of the Taurus” one of the hottest independent album’s London has ever seen. With tracks like, “High Dayz” and “The Musiq” the duo asserted themselves to put forth the effort needed to take the next step.
Vice magazine agreed whole-heartedly, citing some of the tracks that would become “Taurus’s” backbone as 2001’s “Demo of the Year.” That demo “Taste of the Taurus” certified the duo’s credibility as artists and gave them the confidence needed to complete the project. They utilize the same synergy between producer and emcee as duos like Eric B. and Rakim or DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince. Once their first project was completed Transit and Tonic knew they had something special, something that everyone not only wanted to hear but also be a part of.
Armed with the underground credibility of their first album these cats continue to surge forward with their up coming release of their sophomore project “Precrime.”
“Precrime” will not only surpass the levels reached and achieved in their first album but will undoubtedly show Transit and Tonic’s growth and evolution as artists. Look out for “Precrime” and it’s first release “Big Bottom Pro’s.”

Transit is an emcee that is naturally at ease on the mic and on the stage. The lyricist known for the one-of-kind flow and signature voice can also step into the production elements of the game and provide some of the banging beats that he laces his rhymes to. The thoughtfulness and originality that bleed from his writing are fueled by the experiences he has endured as an individual and as a partner of Tonic.

Whether it is scratching, production or musical arrangement Tonic provides the musical fabric that helps form the hits that this crew is constantly pumping out. Hailing from London, Ont. where he received a diploma in Recorded Musical Production Tonic has the formal and theoretical background to be regarded as one of the best upcoming producers. His love for the Motown sound often is the feeling that comes through in his tunes. No matter if the track is dark and heartfelt or cheerful and playful Tonic’s tones are certain to captivate his listeners.