Transvaal Diamond Syndicate

Transvaal Diamond Syndicate

 Brisbane, Queensland, AUS

Dirty foot-stompin', hard hittin' Blues/Rock festival outfit who play a high-energy and entertaining set based on groove riffs, slide guitar, smoky vocals and driving beats.Crowd participation, stompouts, call-and-response, percussion jams, burlesque, sweat, megaphone taunts = something TDS.


“Great guitar riffs with cool and clear lyrics. Bound to get the speakers rattling.” Sydney Daily Telegraph

“Fans of Clutch and Ash Grunwald need to sit up and take notice now. Deadly! 5 STARS.” Zoo Weekly

Transvaal Diamond Syndicate are one of the rising stars of the new-blues sound. Raw, energetic, dancey and fun. With a heavy touring schedule and a bunch of industry accolades, the Syndicate are establishing themselves as a consistent Festival contender.

Having headlined numerous national tours and supported some of Australia's finest blues/roots talent (Ash Grunwald, Dallas Frasca, The Fumes), TDS have just finished travelling Australia for 5 months performing over 70 live and original headline shows. The tour included appearances at the 2013 Australian Festival of Blues, Caxton Wine and Seafood Festival and Blues on Broadbeach amongst others.

On the cards for the rest of 2013 are festival appearances at Queenscliff Music Festival, Great Southern Blues Festival, Pride Festival and Rocktoberfest (Brisbane) and the Toowoomba Festival of Blues. A tour of VIC, TAS and SA will also take place in the summer months of 2014. This will tie in with the bands debut full-length album release.

The band's previous couple of years was shaped by 3 50+ date national tours, 7 single releases, 4 film clip releases, winning an Independent Music Award (International music competition), Q Music Highly Commended Award and the QLD Blues Awards for Song of the Year. Not to mention over 20 Festival appearances, including the Byron Bluesfest.

With an active fan-base and critical acclaim, TDS have earned their plays on stations like Triple J and continue to be one of the most requested acts on Australian Community Radio. Come see what all the fuss is about and GET YOUR STOMP ON.

“This is new school blues that is as exciting as it is electric and yet another shining example of the deep and creative roots scene Australia is privy to enjoy.” Time Off



Written By: Christian Tryhorn - TDS

I don't know where i'm going, but I know where i'm from.
Pack my bags and i'm leaving today... man it won't be long.

Til' I get home, home, home, with you I go home, home,

I don't know where i'm taking my place, here in this fine ol' world.
But it's good to know my roots have been layed, so I can travel on.

Til' I get home, home, home, with you I go home, home,

Grew up in a small Queensland town and we lived a life outdoors and
had some fun.
But as I get older well my dreams they get a bigger, so i'm
headin' for those stars I see down south.


Behind That Smile

Written By: Christian Tryhorn - TDS

Behind That Smile

I can see that you are my friend
and I’m hating that I do this to you
Let’s start over again
Let’s start over again
Let’s start over again

This one’s for you… all for you
All for you

I can see that you are on the brink
of loneliness. And emptiness.
Behind that smile you cannot hide
Behind that smile you cannot hide
Behind that smile

This one’s for you… all for you
All for you

She said she loved me but let go of my hand
I’m feeling boxed in, under someone else’ command
I know I love you and I wanna stay true
But I see the open road and don’t know what to do

Let’s go on back to those days that we had
Where love was simple and we each had our plans
I feel it comin’ and I think you do too…
Just say I love you and this one is for you


Aug 01 2013 - EP 'You Call That a Tour!?' released on iTunes and as hard copy on website - national tour of 72 dates completed to support

Jan 31 - Single 'Blackwater' nationally released

Mar 23 2012 - Single 'Pistols at Dawn' nationally released (received JJJ play) - national tour (65 dates) to support

Feb 15 - Single 'Devil on My Shoulder' is nominated for an Independent Music Award (Global Award)

Jan 18 - Single 'I'm Your Ticket' is in the top 10 most requested songs on Australian Community Radio a week after release (AMRAP)

Jan 1 - Single 'I'm Your Ticket' is voted #6 Hottest Track of 2011 on Brisbane's 4ZzZ Radio

Oct 30 - Single 'Devil on My Shoulder' is featured on 2011 Brisbane Sounds Compilation.

Oct 7 - TDS releases 'Sins of the Blessed' a 7 track mini-album through Starving Kids Records and MGM Distribution. Also released on iTunes.

Sep 22 - Single "Ol' Carolina" featured on Triple J Radio

Sep 5 - TDS release single "I"m Your Ticket". Is in the top 10 most requested songs on Australian Community Radio a week after release (AMRAP)

Aug 5 - TDS record and release "Ol' Carolina" as part of the IMP 100 Songs Project

June 1 2011 - TDS signs with Starving Kids Records for their next release

May 25 2011 - Single "Devil on My Shoulder" obtains the #4 most ordered track slot on Australian Community Radio (Overall - AMRAP)

April 22 2011 - Single "Devil on My Shoulder" featured on Triple J Radio

April 1 2011 - Single "Devil on My Shoulder" released across radio platforms and on iTunes

January 2011 - Single "Home" WINS THE HOTTEST TRACK OF 2010 as part of Brisbane radio station's 4ZzZ HOT 100 2010 COUNTDOWN

November 2010 - Single "Behind That Smile" listed at #4 on the AMRAP most-ordered-for-air national charts (Blues) for November

October 2010 - "Diamonds and Dust" EP debuts at #14 on the Australian Independent Blues Album Charts

September 2010 - "Diamonds and Dust" EP goes live on iTunes

September 2010 - "Diamonds and Dust" EP RELEASE

August 2010 - "Behind That Smile" single released onto iTunes and other music media sites

August 2010 - Single "Home" is listed as 8th top song in Australia requested by community radio DJ's for August (AMRAP)

July 2010 - Single "Home" debuts at #20 on the iTunes Blues Charts (Australia)

July 2010 - Single "Behind That Smile" wins a 'Highly Commended' at the 2010 Q-Music Song Awards

July 2010 - "Home" and "Behind That Smile" accepted into AirIT (commercial radio music database) and are starting to receive support

June 2010 - "Home" single released onto iTunes and other music media sites

May 2010 - Single "Home" receiving regular airplay on Brisbane's 4ZZZ and Byron Bay's BayFM

March 2010 - "Homeward Bound Tour EP" self-released to conincide with 'Homeward Bound Tour'

Set List

I'm Your Ticket
Cold-Hearted Killer
Dig Man Dig
Swamp Dance
Devil on My Shoulder
Guns For Hire
Pistols at Dawn
Old Carolina
Train a Comin'
Behind That Smile
Tribal Drum Jam

TDS Slide
Mind Your Manners
Constant Cravings
Let Your Hair Down
Get on The Corner
Tear Down These Walls
Come a Knockin'
Ain't Never Been
Tommy Allstar
Hangman's Noose
Oh My God!