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Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires F.D., Argentina | INDIE

Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires F.D., Argentina | INDIE
Band Latin Comedy


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This band has not uploaded any videos



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ARRAVALTRONICS 1 - Full lenth album, released in std. edition CD, luxury edition CD+DVD and 2Gb USB flash memory format.

ARRAVALTRONICS 2 "Tangueros somos los de ahora" - Full length album released in CD format.

TRANXGO Live Session 1 - 55 min. DVD

TRANXGO Live Session 2 "Electro Tango Simphony" completed and to be released in September 2010

36 individual tracks, unreleased and to be used for the next full length CD's.



Tranxgo is formed by the two "V" Brothers, Diego & Gonzalo (Gonzo) Vila. Diego has over 30 years of experience composing, directing and performing the best Musical Shows in Buenos Aires and Gonzo has over 25 years experience into the electronic music creation, production, mixing and mastering.
Tranxgo is the fusion of acoustic and electronic sounds that still retains the essence of tango. The textures and environments of the milonga, the neighborhoods and the scenery of Buenos Aires are the source of inspiration that led the “V” brothers to create arravaltronics, the first musical and visual release of the band. Tranxgo is tango evolution, a type of music born from the influence of the great masters, who no doubt left a large and clear tread in the way for all those accept the challenge of innovation. The ”V” brothers have created Tranxgo, the first 100% electrotango tango band as well as Arravaltronics, as the linking line of the tango evolution. All those years of hard work which made this project be a reality will be revealed through a series of albums and videos. SOMETHING ABOUT TANGO EVOLUTION The tango evolution tries to capture the essence of both tango and milonga from the electronic world. The sounds of the bandoneon, the violin, the bass, drums and other instruments are fusioned with those unique textures that state-of-the-art virtual instruments offer. Creativity and inspiration have never been so favoured as in the XXI century. And it is all thanks to the enormous work of thousands of engineers, programmers, musicians, designers as well as technicians, who have become the new luthiers of this times. Let’s welcome technological advances and let them be art tools, not as mere additions but as a fundamental part of the creative process.