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"Single Review"

Trap 6 – Get It On/The Cycle
Released 07/08/06
Running on to the scene are Trap 6, a five piece band from Glasgow, whose double A side single, "Get it on/The Cycle" was released August 7th on Homemade Records. After forming only last year they have spent some time supporting the likes of The Fratellis and The View. After playing the local scenes their efforts were re-payed when they were named as one of the fourteen finalists in the Road to V competition
Inspired by the likes of The Jam, The Kinks and The Smiths their guitar led contemporary infused rock/pop reflects the mentality of the modern teenager’s world.
"Get it on" bursts out with a beat which is hard to ignore, a melodic chorus helps introduce the track as brisk and bold. The beats are backed up by crunching guitars and catchy hooks. Vocalist Gary Curley opens with //Another day in the life for the people in my guilty generation// resolving the track to condemn modern life as they want to have fun and not pay the price.
My favorite of the two tracks, "The Cycle" wins over my heart and mind initially – it has to - beginning with the lyric //Ding Dong// Pure Brilliance. The track is a stomping bite of contemporary guitar-infused pop, with enough punch to give you a black eye. A soundtrack to the weekend tailored especially for the generation of disillusioned youth who indulge in hedonistic weekends so they can continue to work while chasing pipe dreams. A pessimistic message is sugar coated by an upbeat track lead by Ally Mackenzie raging forward on guitar.
Just as I’m starting to enjoy the debut release from Trap 6 it quickly exits, leaving me anticipating an encore. With Tim Burgess (Charlatans) tipping them for the top you might expect great things, but Trap 6 are unlikely to inspire an indie pop revolution, and much like a typical teenager, they complain about the world today with out providing any answers. However a solid perception of anyone fed up with the world teamed with an upbeat debut might be enough to ensure the evolution of contemporary anthems.
Rating: 7.5/10


"Single Review"

Trap 6
Get It On/The Cycle
I've been a big fan of this Glasgow outfit ever since I first saw them a couple of years ago and they've come on leaps and bounds since the brilliant early material and strong stage presence which first caught my attention. This self-released debut AA-side single has been a long time coming, but it's been worth the wait. Get It On is a tough, gritty rocker that sums up well the idea behind the band, melding dance rhythms with edgy guitars. The Cycle, though, is the real gem here, an upbeat, singalong monster with a killer chorus. Think Kaiser Chiefs jamming with The Killers in The Automatic's garage and you're coming somewhere close. Whether this release will bring the band the success they're worthy of remains to be seen, but they will get there one way or another. - The Sunday Mail

"Single Review"

This Glasgow band are everything Orson want to be. While the American band have become this years biggest flukes with awful radio-lite tunes, they've also ripped off The Stones and INXS to create middle of the road mush.

However, Trap_6 show how radio-friendly tunes should be made - taking elements of rock and pop to actually make decent songs.

Debut double A side single Get It On/The Cycle is out next Monday and deserves success. Get It On is a feel good rock tune and has elements of The Stooges, Stones, Franz Ferdinand and The Beach Boys.

The Cycle also doesn't disappoint. It starts with the lyrics "Ding, dong ,my alarm bells gone" and moans about early starts, going to work with a hangover ant the 9-5 cycle. Singer/songwriter Gary Curley is a great find and is making classic Scots art pop!
- The Daily Record

"Single Review"

It's tricky to work out exactly what's going on here with Trap 6. Are they trying to sound like every Brit band of note from the last quarter century, simultaneously? Or do they just want to be The Killers? We can hear bits of The Clash, bits of The Kinks, Thin Lizzy and The Stones, sure. But we are overwhelmed by the slick shell and chinks of the light that gleam off it. They want a bit of Brandon's pie, and nibble they might, but what of our nourishment? Actually, it tastes alright, and not of Meatloaf. Which is a bonus. **** - Crud Online Mag


Trap_6 - The Cycle (Hungry Kid)


Feeling a bit camera shy


"Think Kaiser Chiefs jamming with The Killers in The Automatic's garage and you're coming somewhere close." - Sunday Mail
"Stomping bite of contemporary guitar-infused pop, with enough punch to give you a black eye. A soundtrack to the weekend!" - Bandwagon
"Trap 6's taste for melody, aggressive guitar playing and everyday life lyrics would sit them nicely alongside the likes of NME's favourites Arctic Monkeys, The Maccabees, as well as fellow Scots, The Fratellis"- Godisinthetvzine

Hailing from the hotbed of talent that is Scotland, along with the likes of Franz Ferdinand, Shit Disco and gigmates The Fratellis and The View, Glasgows’ own Trap_6 release ‘The Cycle’ on Hungry Kid, home to Dustins Bar Mitzvah, Winterkids, Clocks, Anechoic, Rolling Dog and Furthest Drive Home.

Formed in early 2005 Trap 6 have been honing their skills on the local scene, purveying tunes with frantic crunching guitars and jaw droppingly catchy hooks. Inspired by the everyday believable lyrics of bands such as The Jam and The Kinks- the band lyrically convey the highs, lows, loves, losses, nights out and mornings after with songs filled with tales of boozy bars, hectic Saturday nights, work, money, love -songs tailor made for bored twenty-something Brits.

'The Cycle' will be backed with live favourite 'Man About Town' and also features a spectacular B-side in an Electro Mix of ‘The Cycle’ from the bands songwriter Gary Curley. Already endorsed by Tim Burgess (Charlatans) on Channel 4, the band look set to win over many more fans with the release of ‘The Cycle’.