Tallahassee, Florida, USA
BandHip HopR&B

Trapa provides music that is always hype and full of energy. Trapa music is like a mixture of Plies and Lil Jon. His beat selection and deliever is always on point.


Travis Phillips a.k.a. Young Trap is a new upcoming rapper. Young Trap was born and raised in North Carolina. A small town called Maple Hill was where he grew up at and learned about the streets. The streets of his hood were very dangerous and drug infested, so Trap had to fight to keep out of trouble. Travis eventually tried to sell drugs himself but, realized that wasn't who he was and needed another way to make money. Trap eventually started to get into hip hop more and rapping wit' 2 of his close cousins. Trap started focusing on rap when he was in th Eleventh grade (class of '01) of high school. He really wasn't really good at it, but, kept on freestyling until he got really good at it. Trap and his cousins started there own group called the TRAP BOYS. This group had alot of trouble trying to get heard by local DJ's and the radio even though they had raw talent they were very much overlooked.

Trap then decided in '04 to join the military (ARMY). Trap still kept at his music while in the army just practicing and getting better and better. In '05 when he graduated from the army he then moved back to the hood. Trap grinded wit his team and flooded the streets wit mixtapes but, Trap felt it was time for a change. In '07 his dad moved to Tallahassee, Florida. Trap felt he should move there and see if he can get discovered in Florida. Trap planned had worked! Trap had hooked up wit a well known producer (T-BERRY). The two hooked up after hearing Young Trap spit ah freestyle and vibin with him at a music conference. T-Berry then introduced young trap to a Trick Daddy track he was working on. Young Trap jumped on the track immediately. DJ Magik (Manager) got Strizzo out of Tampa who is now currently helping Trap and Magik push the track heavily.

AFTER ONLY SIX MONTHS OF GRINDIN' THE RECORD... The single is now burning up the airways and buzzin' like crazy! The rest is history.