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"Quotes from some notable people..."

“I think your concept is very ingenious and clever, it is a marketing person’s dream project.” - Michael Frondelli, Vice President of Capitol Records

“I love it!” - Cyndi Drue, WMMR, 93.3FM Philadelphia

“... a great group.” - Robert Fripp, King Krimson (WMUH 91.7 FM interview)

“Wiggly, Wiggly...Intergalactic Bump...It can mean one thing, Trap Door RULES!” - Trey Gunn, King Krimson, Sunday All Over the World

“It is great to see my work inspires your music.” - Zechariah Sitchin, renowned scholar and author (Earth Chronicles)

"Hyperactive dance music for people who couldn't wipe the smiles from their faces with a two by four. The happy dozen smack hip-hop, House, and Funk on the butt with a Disco stick." - Alex H from

"I have never seen anything like this, ever... Your show is beyond original!" - Guy from another band

"You have never seen a live performance until you have seen a Trap Door performance!" - Joe Swanson, WMUH 91.7 FM Station Manager - Various

"Nothing but the truth"

In looking back on the history of Trap Door performances I am totally amazed. Trap Door has accomplished a few notable reactions to their live shows and it is startling that we never mentioned them, here they are:

When playing at festivals, carnivals, art exhibits, store opening or other events where there is an additional crowd in attendance, Trap Door has consistently reached capacity for their stage viewing area.

While playing tented festivals, Trap Door has consistently filled all large tent seating areas plus any available standing area around the tent. Any empty seats are from people getting up to dance in the aisles.

When playing at carnivals, Trap Door has caused rides and food stands to be shut down during their performance do to the entire carnival heading to the main stage.

Trap Door performances leave lasting impressions on those who view them. Recently a club owner recited detailed gimmicks from a show. We had only ever played there one time and it was over twenty years ago. How many thousands of bands have played there since and she explained details of one event so long ago?!?

There have been two occasions when Trap Door was fortunate enough to be granted a dual bill with a "National Act." On both occasions the National Act expressed to us, after the show, that they should have opened for us. This is not a compliment we take lightly and it only increases our desire to continue trying to produce a world class show.

Whether these observations are good or bad to the "industry," I don't know, but, I know they are the truth.

I am honored to be a member of Trap Door and proud that we give so much to entertaining our audience. - Wiggly


Flying Discs of Luv, Conscious, Trap Door Trance Tribute and Fifty Years of Trap Door. All albums are available through selected online distributers, Trance Tribute and Fifty Years are available through the iTunes Music Store.


Feeling a bit camera shy


In 1987 Pops Seriano gathered together a small group of family and confidants. The purpose was to create a musical band that would couple intelligent lyrics with a dedicated dance groove. The result was and is the seven member group, Trap Door.

Trap Door would commit its award winning lyrical topics to three prime subjects, 1.) The disclosure of suppressed or lost information, 2.) The eradication of prejudice by dealing with everything on an individual level, and 3.) Luv.

It is the members of Trap Door themselves that would create the Artwork, newsletters, album covers, costumes and promotions. Always developing something profound or unusual to their genre. Ever vigilant on their research in literature, investigative reports and personal interviews to obtain enough lyrical fuel to ignite a musical conflagration.

Although many superstars like David Bowie, Nina Hagen, and Lene Lovich had preceded Trap Door in their out-of worldly connections, Trap Door was unique in the fact that they were "Naming Names" and trying to expose withheld or newly discovered information. They didn't say they were from Mars; They said, "Maybe we should take a better look at Mars because of the unusual mishaps of Phobos I and II and the Mars Observer, etc.

It is this dedication that has earned Trap Door the friendship of many of today's noted scientists and archeologists such as renowned scholar, Zecheria Sitchin and former aid to NASA and CBS News, Richard C. Hoagland. Trap Door has been featured on RAI Corp. world wide televised special about the future, Punto e a Capo. They have also graced the pages of international magazines such as Unicus and UFO Universe as well as comic books like Hawkman, Vampire Lestadt and Spider-Man.

Musically, Trap Door has attracted the attentions of King Crimson's Warr guitar player, Trey Gunn. Gunn is a guest Chapman Stick player on the group's first release and has also appeared live on a dual bill with the band.

Now in the year 2005 comes Trap Door G. Wiggly, 8 Fold Way, Vectrex, Pyramido, Santo Felice, Wooden Pops, Castron and Trap Door Charmed. Destined to determine a new direction in today's music.