Traphik 3:16

Traphik 3:16

 Sarasota, Florida, USA

A unique blend of Rock, Pop, Alternative, Hip Hop, Rap, and R&B. Combine that with soulful vocals, dynamic drumming, dueling guitars, and hip hop bass rhythms which creates a high energy eclectic performance.


Traphik 3:16 was started in March of 2008 by Benjamin and Judah Jacobs, with desire and commitment to approach music in a different way. Traphik 3:16 was started not only because of the love for music, but also because of our eagerness to be different. With the mixture of Rock, Rap, R&B, Alternative, and Pop, we've always had the virtuosity to be different, combine that with our high energy stage performance and each member bringing their own influence into the mix makes us unique. Traphik 3:16's influences include Coldplay, The Fray, The Kooks, Sam Cooke, Jeff Buckley, Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin, Muse,The Beatles, and Jimi Hindrix.


EP "Counting My Steps"