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Trap Mobb has a fresh new sound and the best thing on the market. Guaranteed to keep you talking for weeks about the performance and have you singing the songs for months.


FRESH NEW SOUND, THE HOTTEST THING SINCE FISH GREASE & THE BEST THING ON THE MARKET. Trap Mob is a combination of three different styles, crushing all competition. There is no comparison and can’t be duplicated.

Trap Mob was established when three talented rappers showed that they could move a crowd as solo artists. Each of them have proven to be an icon in their home state and has built their own individual fan bases. Originally, the group had only two members, Yogi and MP; the puzzle was completed when JG joined making the group even more dangerous.

Terrell Williams (Yogi) - is a 20-year-old rapper with his own unique sound. His idols are Beanie Segal and Scarface. He is from Eudora, Arkansas, a small town with the population around 3,000 people. He started rapping around the early 90s he recorded is first song called, G Way. The response he received from his friends and family motivated him to keep doing it. Yogi plans on taking the music to a whole new level.

Marvin Pride (MP) -At the age of 23, MP shocked his peers by showing them that he is a lyricist. He started rapping fresh out of high school in 2001. You will never catch MP without a Jay Z or Young Jeezy CD in the deck. His sound and style is so distinctive that no one will be able to duplicate it. He is full of energy and his performance is out of this world. MP say he do it for his hometown…he is always representing the E (Eudora).

Jarvis Q. Mays (JG) - This versatile artist can take a beat from the west coast, east coast, or the south and just murder it like no other. JG is 23 years old and his lyrics develop more and more each time he writes. He is from Eudora, Arkansas, but spent most of his life in Little Rock, Arkansas. Growing up, JG listened to Jay Z, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Biggie, 2 Pac and Nas. His style is inspired by a combination of characteristics from each one of these legendary artists. He has been rapping since he was around twelve years old. He wants it to be known that the EA (Eudora Arkansas) is where the fresh new talent is.

Trap Mobb is about to have record label tearing through Eudora Arkansas trying to sign all the hot new unheard artists. They opened a show up for Slim Thug on April 27, 2006 in Little Rock Arkansas and they rocked it. They had the crowd and security in the palm of their hands. I can almost bet the Slim will vouch for that performance. Be on the look out for their hot new single “Go Live” it’s coming to clubs and airwaves near you. They are currently working on the album, coming July 4, 2006 so be on the look out for it because this is one that you definitely don’t want to miss out on. LET’S GET IT!!!!


Trap Mobb has just completed the hottest singles of the year called "Go Live" and "Gs Up."

Set List

The song selection is depending on the venue and all sets are depending on how long they allow us to perform.