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Based in Austin, Texas, our goal is pretty simple - provide the Best Texas Southern Rap/Hip Hop Entertainment. From old school sampling to auto-tunes, we do whatever it takes to stay creative, and bringing raw material to a watered-down industry. NO GIMMICKS.


TrappHouse consist of Fae Low, Cool G Money, Cray Z and Xidal J. Based in Austin, Texas, and with the blessings Billy Henderson (RIP) they emerged on the scene with a bang reppin' TrappHouse. Their first CD "EnTrappment" gained regional acclaim with the hit "Cars We Be Drivin." That song made it to #3 on the Texas Top 40. That song was also featured on many compilation albums including Ghetto Brothers records.

They followed up with Volume II: For the Underground with hits like Blocking My Shine, Life, and Definitions of Ballin. New addition, Xidal J, is due to release his debut album "Co-Founda" in March 2013.

TrappHouse started with Billy Henderson in Temple Texas. In 1998, he emerged with a new brand and style of music - Trappin. When Billy got incarcerated he passed the torch to his cousin, FaeLow, who hooked up with the Williams brothers, G-Money and CrayZ. The brothers are originally from Louisiana and brought a differnt mindstate to the lyrics. With influences from UGK (also Texas-Lousiana hybrids), there music connected with the streets.

The speak of their experiences from drug dealing as a youth, to holding down a job, to protecting the family...They believe hustling has expanded to all walks of life and is not limited to the streets. And being playa or gangsta is a state of mind.


Entrappment album:
BODY (Comin' For Ya)
Million Dollar Hunt
We on the Grind
3rd Coast Reppin
Thuggin and Clubbin
Cars We Be Drivin (#3 Texas Top 40, KAZI, Austin Texas)
That's Yo Game to Play
Like That Ther
Ghetto Superstars
Baller Blockin
Lust Ya
Step In My Grave
Like Us

Volume II: For the Underground:
Blockin My Shine
Yall Aint Know
About Damn Time
Spell It Out
Hold On
ShakeYo Shimy