Windber, Pennsylvania, USA
BandHip HopR&B

My music is full of soul, poverty and driven by success which keeps me grounded on my path to stardom. Hard basslines and chest pounding kicks along with hood anithems makes my flow stand out while making me relivant. To be breif DOE is where the night club meets the Trap house


My swagg is derived from the streetz. Full of ambition and the drive to be the best. Trapstarz consist of 1 member by the name of DOE the beat king. From West Hellena, Arkansas by way of Florida. DOE started making beatz on boxes at home during down time, then graduating to mpc's and keyboards. Choppy and Street DOE is focused on the prize.


Newest single Middle of The Stage is sure to tear the club up nation wide this spring coming while gaining alot of attention on internet radio stations like Jango/doethebeatking