Trap Tiger

Trap Tiger

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

We're a indie rock band with five talented, musically risk taking individuals coming together to create energetic songs that have been described as the love child of the arcade fire and wolf parade raised by David Bowie. All comparisons aside, we just love to have fun on stage.


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Trap Tiger came together in the winter months of early 2009. Driven by markedly diverse influences, a love for the live spectacle and an anything goes writing policy, the band spent the better part of the winter developing a body of original songs. By combining angular call and answer guitar work, thick, pulsing bass, delicate pianos and synths and bone rattling drums Trap Tiger has crafted a sound to call their own. Melodic group vocals and often-shifting time signatures give their music an indie feel but there is much more to their music that makes Trap Tiger difficult to categorize.

Trap Tiger consists of Ryan Dugal (drums), Andre Furlong (bass), Matthew Paterson (vocals and guitar), Ceilidh Shipley (keys) and Kevin Suess (guitar). All members are multi instrumentalists in their own right and all contribute to live and studio vocals, giving the music a very infectious energy.

Since their beginnings, Trap Tiger has hit the scene with their EP "Lush Jungles" in 2009 and the debut full length "Twisted Shapes" in 2010. The band has shared audiences with USS, Arkells, Down With Webster, Inward Eye, The Junction, Michou and Birds of Wales to name a few.

Recent Press:

"It’s a testament to Trap Tiger’s abilities and professionalism that the band sounds so in synch on their debut, effortlessly blending different styles and influences and yet are not derivative of them. Twisted Shapes is an ambitious and accomplished debut from a band with a bright future."
James Hrivnak, No Static at All Blog

"Twisted Shapes is a fantastic debut and though Trap Tiger has nowhere to go but up in the future, right now all I can say is hot damn is this album ever catchy! Every album should be lucky to sound as organic AND professional."
Ashley Dean, Imprint

"Exhibiting equal amounts of indie-rock passion, potent energy, dabbling with prog-like structures. Dynamic riffs and rippling keyboards colliding with a melodic sensibility, Trap Tiger captures different styles and gives it a contemporary sheen."
Lonely Vagabond

"Refreshingly experimental indie pop complete with hand claps, synths, snappy song titles and lyrics that you simply can't get out of your head"
Echo Weekly

"The fact is, it’s hard to find anything clichéd about the band’s sound, as evidenced by their brand new full-length debut album, Twisted Shapes. Deciphering what it is about Trap Tiger’s music that makes it so compelling is difficult, although their daring blend of modern guitar rock styles is rooted in the unshakable bond among the members..."
Nightlife, The Record

"Their music, witty, sharp, on key and to the point... would ultimately convince both promoters and venues that Trap Tiger was seriously capable of creating a buzz."
Indie Seen, Echo Weekly

"There’s no comparison to a band that forms for the love of music, or a band that forms for the love of money. Trap Tiger is a band that clearly does this for the love of music first and foremost.After appreciating the beauty and complexity, I give Twisted Shapes an A."
Derek P, Clear Cut Critics


2009 - Demo
2009 - Lush Jungles EP
2009 - TT 3 Song Demo
2010 - Twisted Shapes