Trashed Actor

Trashed Actor


Trashed Actor smash together 70s glam and garage with vintage 80s New Wave synthesizers, and an early-90s shoegazer appetite for white noise to create music that's very 00s.


Trashed Actor can rock like no other "electro duo" before and can also to a very slow pace and create great dance grooves along the way. What probably sets us apart from other bands is probably our knack for good pop hooks.
Influences would be Suede, New Order, David Bowie, T Rex, The Devils, Pulp, Cabaret Volataire.


Demo EP, Glitter and Alcohol, which has lead to a current recording for Omega Point Records currently in progress.

Set List

Typical set list is usually around 35 minutes 9 or so songs. Song titles "Streamline Your Bender", "Something Obscene", "WMD Disco", "Into the Autumn Air", "Pictures by Satellite", "The Art Damage Scene", "Constellations", "Livewire", "Watching the Birds". While we don't usually do covers we sometime throw in the occasional "My Michelle" by Guns and Roses.