A real rock n roll band like they used to make.Who still make real records that sound like nobody else.They live the rock n roll life and play gigs which if you are lucky enough get to see one,might just change your life forever.


What are your influences?

Chris:Songs they don't play on the radio!!..unless you happen to be listening to one of the stations where the dj's still have some vague autonomy like 6music maybe?

What's your least obvious influence then?

Chris:Theres a few,my record collection is pretty expansive,you know the kind where you have to think about getting re-inforced floorboards.Probably Abba or something British and folky like The Incredible String Band-wonderful meandering melodies but their lyrics are awe inspiring.

Molly..on the new album you've taken over from Joe(Wilson) co-writing whats that been like for you?

Molly:It's been a great learning experience foi me.With Trash what is needed is a lightness of touch, a pop sensibility and a lot of humour. In the past I have tended to almost over right lyrically. so. This process has made me less precious and really be brutal and cut a lot out and simplify. It's very liberating.

Do you have any recurring dreams or nightmares?

Molly; Oh yeah constantly.My dream life is very vivid and exhausting. Tha most common one is trying to drive up streets that are so steep they are verticall.And being behind the wheel of an out of control vehicle. What could it all mean?
Chris:I have one where John Lydon comes to me to teach me the mystical secret of writing a great song,its a formula and I have managed to write it down but I'm not telling you what it is..

How do you work out your live set and which songs do you most like playing live?

Chris:Often it depends on how long they'll let us play for,we never do encores we really like to keep the energy of the set up short and sharp.I'm digging playing the songs off the new album especially as they seem to be going down really well but also from the Trashmoney album there are certainly kind of finale go out with a bang tunes like 747 that I love to play.
Molly:I like gigs that hold a little back so you leave on high rather than fucking off to the bar. Basically a lot of energy building from start to end. I don't think we are the kind of band to bring it down mid set, we're more of the short sharp shock. Having said that we do have a ballad that gets an airing every once in a while. As to which is my favourite to play? What can I say I love 'em all.

Your tracks have been used on T.V and in Hollywood?Seen any great movies lately?

Chris:There have been some killer British Indie films made in the last 2 years.I loved 'Bronson' shades of the Surreal and a Kubrick Hyper-Real and a glorious soundtrack too!
Molly:I'm not really into that many current movies. I like a lot of film noir , something like Sunset Boulevard would be a perfect evening.

Barney..whats it like being in Trash Money from behind the drum kit?

Barney:Being in Trash Money is like finding you have a winning lottery ticket and then leaving it in your jeans when you stick it in the wash.As for gigs,Trash gigs are a remedy to all that over-serious,self-obsessed "hear my angst" bollox-I've had my fill of that crap.Trash gigs are theatrical,irreverent,free and liberating..and just a little bit gay.

Chris you like to wear make up do you still wear it when you go around the corner to buy milk?

Chris:It depends..if I've been up all night then yeah.I just admire people who make an effort with how they look.Wearing make up is just like putting on a fine hat or polishing your shoes really.

What is Trash Money most looking forward to in the next 12 months?

Chris:Definitely playing more shows than we have been.Writing the new album has curtailed that a little but I can't wait to play more of the new songs to more ears.Also we have lots of exciting plans including some film ideas but I can't say much more about that just now.
Molly:Playing SXSWt next year.Gigging in the U.S will be great for the band and all those that get to see us of course..wink..wink..


Jean City

Written By: Chris Tate / Joe Wilson

Well ya all just froze
At the sight of my clothes
I like the stuff that you chose
But you shouldn't be wearing those
Well its really all right
That your clothes are too tight

Got mine,get yours
Goin' to Jean City

I was built to destroy
I'm a lonely boy
I was built to destroy
I was born for love and joy

Do you wanna go out tonight
Do you wanna go out tonight


You Lied Satan - 7 inch vinyl single (red vinyl) hand stamped
Million Pound Note - CD single and 7 inch vinyl
-via Showbiz records
Jean City E.P. - CD only
Lucky - 7 inch vinyl
747 - super heavyweight 7 inch vinyl
-all released on TRAGIC records

Trashmoney - TRASH MONEY CD album on TRAGIC 2006

Ice Cream Kids - Itunes only download single 2010
(from the forthcoming 2nd TRASH MONEY album available early 2011)

all tracks available to download via Itunes

Set List

Marshall Stacks
Jean City
Feel too Much
You Lied Satan
Telephone Girls
Are We Dead Yet
Foxy Commuter
Take it like a Man