Trash Monroe

Trash Monroe


An intense, immense rock n’ roll enema. Meshing genres and mullering pre-conceptions Trash Monroe are an A&R man’s nightmare. Punk. Alternative. Glam. Rock. New Wave. Fuck it, file under ‘Must See’.
It’s moody, it’s passionate, it’s sincere, it should be in your record collection


The band was formed by vocalist Melany Dantes and Dave Bradbury in 2003. Since then the band has built up a reputation in the South East region as being "one of the better unsigned acts to emerge from the scene."

Labelling this band with a genre has never been easy, as each member draws individual influences and styles from many genres.

Born in 2003, based on a strong ideal to write, perform and create from the heart and to mean it. The unwritten and even unspoken (until now) point of the band is to use a wide variety of ideas within a collective, to embrace it and enjoy the creative freedom that comes from ‘not being pigeon holed’. It is accepted that with this comes the uncertainty of finding a ‘niche market’ but this is something that should only be of concern to a band who is unsure of their direction.

Trash Monroe have released to date:
‘Ornament’ EP produced by John Fryer {Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, HIM and Cradle of Filth.}
‘Batesian Mimicry’ EP which included I-Doll for which a full on location video was shot and in 2010
‘Shooting From the Lips & Other Crimes of Passion.’

November 2012 saw the release of ‘Addiction of Duplicities Part 1’, to rave reviews with Part 2 being launched at the Islington academy in July 2013 make a two part EP. The video for ‘S.O.B’ has generated over 3,000 views on youtube.

“Trash Monroe’s songs are dangerously infectious little beasts of raw feelings and poisonous beauty….. Under the brash attitude lies an emotional and fragile soul…. Unashamedly melodic” (Alternative Magazine)

The band have been featured in such publications as Kerrang, Alternative, Devolution and Metal Hammer as well as a slew of fanzine’s including Bubble-gum Slut, Noisy Zine and Panic for those of you who don’t just read ‘the big boys’.

“There is a buzz surrounding Trash Monroe which suggests the band are on the verge of big things, Addiction of Duplicities, Part 1, does nothing to suggest otherwise”

In closing the reiterated point remains to FEEL something.


Trash Monroe - EP
Ornament - EP
Batesian Mimicry - EP
Shooting from the Lips and Other Crimes of Passion - Album
Addiction of Duplicities Parts 1 and 2 - Two Part EP

Various tracks from Ornament, Batesian Mimicry, Shooting... and the Addiction cd's have recived airplay on both BBC radio and on numerous web based radio stations . Have previously secured number ones on the AiiRadio internet chart

Set List

sets change from gig to gig to keep things fresh, have a repertoire of just over an hour of original material.