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Traveling Circus

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The Traveling Circus is a rap trio with street credible lyrics over head-bobbing hip-hop beats. They are the flip-the-flow style of Jigaboo, the abstract style of Kardiac and the hardcore style of Xhotkalla. They skillfully melt those differing styles into songs with hit record appeal.


The Traveling Circus is back on the block with a new music release just in time for the summer. The Traveling Circus is Jigaboo Child, Kardiac Da Mac, and Xhotkalla. Coming straight out of Goodwater (GH2O), Alabama, these dudes have been inspired to pursue the Hip-Hop life because of their love for the game. The careers of rappers like Outkast, TI and UGK showed these guys that they too could climb from the gutters of the South to worldwide fame and notoriety in hip hop. The Traveling Circus hooked up with the hot production team, Mood Control Productions ( or, and they've been making hot tracks every since.

Jigaboo, Kardiac and Xhotkalla worked hard and their effort began to pay off when their music was included on a Mood Control Compilation CD release called Relentless. They recorded the title track as well as the club favorite Rollin 4 Deep for the release. Based on the overwhelming response that they received from those tracks, the group began to tour the Southeast. The trio returned to the studio in 2006 to work on material for their first solo release. They collaborated with Mood Control Productions on the project. The result is a CD of the most street credible tracks that the Hip-Hop world has heard in years.

The Traveling Circus' new CD is packed with banging beats and incredible lyrics that will keep car speakers bumping and dance floors packed. It includes the tracks: "Set It Off", which has been ranked in the top five on record pools charts all year long; It's Going Down 2nite, the first single, Mobbin' and Dirty which are both instant classics. The Traveling Circus is primed to take hip hop to another level by showing the world how it's done in that other "A" - Alabama.


Traveling Circus - self titled CD
1. Intro
2. It's Goin' Down 2nite
3. Set It Off
4. Dirty
5. Mobbin'
6. We Bomb 1st
7. Who's Gangsta
8. Let's Come Up
9. Soul Muzik
10. That's Real
11. Lord Knows
12. Cut Tha Cord
13. Test Us
14. Stand Up
15. Do U Get Tha Picture

Set List

A Traveling Circus show typically runs for a high-energy, action-packed 15 minutes. We tend to play the fan favorites along with the new tracks that we are pushing.