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Traveling Mercies


Christian folk-rock with a dash of country and a splash of groove.


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Mary Goldring and Eric Lindquist are “soul siblings” who met in 1994, forming an instant musical and spiritual bond. Mary, rhythm guitarist, singer-songwriter and worship leader, felt a passion from Eric’s bass playing that she’d rarely experienced. Eric found in Mary a kinship with someone more passionate about God than about music. The music flowed between Mary and Eric until 1999 when they heard a call to start a band and make a CD. Enlisting fiddler/guitarist/steel man Dan Salini and drummer Jay Wetmore, they played music for the journey, songs for people who may not have arrived at faith, but who are on the road. Around this time, Mary discovered Anne LaMott's book Traveling Mercies: Some Thoughts on Faith, which explores the author's own tumultuous journey of faith. It seemed obvious to name the band Traveling Mercies. The title of their debut, “The Road To You,” refers to John 14:6 from The Message translation of the Bible. Jesus says “I am the Road, also, the Truth, also the Life. No one gets to the Father apart from me.”

Mary Goldring has never been afraid to welcome doubters or to ask tough questions in her songs or her performances. Traveling Mercies shows are never flawless but always held together by Mary’s personal story and the songs that flow from her relationship with Jesus. “My job,” she says, “is to step out of the way, be as transparent as I can be so that, in the end, only Jesus is visible.”

John 12:24 in The Message quotes Jesus saying “Unless a grain of wheat is buried in the ground, dead to the world, it is never any more than a grain of wheat. But if it is buried, it sprouts and reproduces itself many times over.”

Fast forward to 2006. The band has released 2001’s “Directions Home.” Mary has brought audiences to laughter, to tears and to faith at coffee houses, conferences, festivals and churches all over the US. But by this time, Mary and Eric have laid Traveling Mercies to rest. For 3 years, Mary has been spending her time and energy homeschooling and encouraging her 14-year-old guitar prodigy son. Andrew Goldring and his blues-rock band, The Rosedale Power Co., release their debut CD and Andrew enthralls a crowd of 1000 at The 2006 Snowbird Rock & Blues Festival, opening for legendary bluesman Johnny Winter. The grain of wheat is beginning to sprout. Mary works behind the scenes, supporting Andrew as his star begins to rise. In an odd twist, Eric also literally backs up Andrew by playing bass in The Rosedale Power Co..

But perhaps Andrew’s musical career is not the only grain of wheat in this story. Mary and Eric have rekindled their musical/soul connection at K2 the Church in Salt Lake City, where they serve with Andrew's drummer Wes Whorton. One magical Sunday morning, Mary pulls out a Traveling Mercies standard, David Wilcox’s “Never Enough,” and the grain of wheat is exploding. Eric and Wes’s solid groove along with Mary’s vocals and guitar seem to foretell a re-birth of Traveling Mercies. Two full bands - only four people. A blues-rock band fronted by a 14-year-old, shares a rhythm section with his mother’s Christian Alt. Country outfit.

How far will Traveling Mercies sprout from a grain of wheat that was dead and buried? Don't know yet. But don’t count them out.

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Directions Home

Written By: Paul Quinzi

I’ve been looking all my life
For a place that’s in my dreams.
Searching for
a perfect state of mind.
I believed the other side
Had the grass that was more green.
So I’d gone but never seemed to arrive.

And I’ve been gone so long
without knowing where I’ve been
On a search
that never seems to end.
I wonder what’s gone wrong
‘cause now I don’t know where I am.
I look around. . .
I’m lost and all alone.
Where are you?
I need directions home.

I wonder what’s gone wrong
‘cause now I don’t know where I am.
I look around. . .
I’m lost and all alone.
Where are you?
I need directions home.

What Did You Come Here For?

Written By: Mary Goldring

Woman, you must be thirsty
or you wouldn’t be at this well.
You must be searching,
I can tell.
In the heat you walk so far –
carrying that heavy jar.
Tell me,
what did you come here for?
What did you come here for?

Man, you must be hurting
or you wouldn’t be at this pool.
Everyone who sees you
must take you for a fool.
Everyday you sit and wait –
get on in, don’t hesitate.
What did you come here for?

If he can change the
water into wine,
He can change a life
like yours and mine.
He can make the blind to see,
the lame to walk,
set the captives free
Don’t you know
he came to do much more
for you and me!

Some folks think he came here
just for teaching and for healing.
Others think he came to give that
warm and fuzzy feeling.
Oh, he calmed the sea
and he walked on water
Even raised from the dead
a man’s little daughter,
but that’s not what he came here for.

If you could ask him to his face –
why on earth
he joined the human race.
He would look you in the eye –
and tell you that he came to die.
His life was not too great a cost
to seek and save
what once was lost.
that’s what he came here for.
That’s what he came here for. . .
nothing less. . .
nothing more. . .

Woman you must be searching. . .
Man you must be hurting. . .
You’re what he came here for. . .

© 2000 Pig’s Snout Music, Inc.

The Road To You (Psalm 139)

Written By: Mary Goldring

You shaped my body inside out --
you formed me in my mother’s womb.
Each step I take
you know about
You’ve mapped my journey
from the cradle to the tomb
You know my thoughts
before I speak.
You know the places
where I’m weak --

O Lord, investigate my life
Come test me,
see what’s wrong or right.
See for yourself if I am
tried and true.
To you my life’s an open book
O Lord,
please take a closer look
then lead me on
the road to you. . .
the road to you.

Where can I go
to hide from you?
I cannot bear
to see your face.
Into the darkness I will run
but even there
I find your mercy and your grace.
I look behind me --
you are there.
Then up ahead --
and you are there.

Repeat Chorus:

Your thoughts --
so beautiful.
Your thoughts --
so rare.
I can’t begin
to comprehend
your loving care.

Repeat Chorus:

©1999, Pig's Snout Music


The Road To You (1999)
Directions Home (2001)

Both CD's are available at
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The Road To You is available at

Set List

Traveling Mercies plays a wide variety of original songs ranging from folk to pop to country to blues. We also cover some songs (mostly obscure) that mean a lot to us.

Here's a list of some original tunes (most written by Mary Goldring) you're likely to hear at a Traveling Mercies show:

You Said
Good As Your Word
What Did You Come Here For?
In Your Presence
Fire In His Bones
Ain't It Funny?
Make Me Like You
You Are Here
The Empty Chair Mary w/ Dan Salini
Not Ashamed
Tell Me
The Road To You
In Harmony Eric Lindquist
Directions Home Paul Quinzi

Here are some covers we've performed:

Somebody's Comin' Todd Snider
Once He Finds Us Todd Snider
Never Enough/Money David Wilcox/The Beatles
If It Be Your Will Leonard Cohen
Passin' Through Johnny Cash
He's Holding On To Me Ron Block
By The Mark Gillian Welch
I've Just Seen A Face The Beatles
I'm A Believer Neil Diamond
Crazy Patsy Cline
Hey Good Lookin' Hank Williams
By My Side Ben Harper

Traveling Mercie