Traveling Sols

Traveling Sols


We're a great party band. We absolutely love to have a good time, and when we play shows that's exactly what we do. Getting in touch with the audience is very important to us. This way we can make sure everyone's having as good of a time as we are.


From a small town called Hood River, Oregon, Traveling Sols soon moved to Portland where local music and great people are abundant.

You supply the beer and we'll supply the party.

We love to have a great time, but more so love to create a good time for many people at once! Playing shows is not only fun for us but for the audience.
We have very broad music influences ranging from classic funk to classic rock, and hip hop to jazz. we have something for everyone in our sound.

Set List

We typically stray from cover songs and can fill a few sets with originals, but are never afraid to jam it out.

Little Scars
My baby
traveling sols
not my fault
cut it up
pen & some paper
blue before the bruise
why bother
wheel of fortune
'bout time to move up
i don't care
ocean froth
between a laugh and cry
police man
hit to the ground
bag of gold
not for everyone
over again
swamp cats
the list keeps growing