Travelin' Max

Travelin' Max


Travelin’ Max’s Instant Party. What’s an instant party, you ask? It’s Max giveaways, Max audience participation, Max energy, and Max fun. It’s singalongs, conga lines, contests, dancing, and tons more. It’s THREE TIME COLLEGE ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR!!!


The Travelin’ Max Show– An Instant Party

Ask anyone, and I mean ANYONE among the hundreds of colleges who have had The Travelin' Max Show at their event... They'll tell you it's the ultimate audience participation act! I sing, play guitar and deliver one of the most energetic live musical shows available anywhere... Period!

This is a small space and I have a very large show, so I'll try and highlight just the basics of how I create an Instant Party:

Each show comes packed with tons of giveaways, prizes, props, conga lines, singalongs, dance music, and a diverse catalogue of over 800 songs from every decade!

I bring the audience on stage with me, I get out into your audience, I host ridiculous & fun contests (like my now famous “Donuts-On-a-Fishing-Pole-Eating” contest), and it’s all 100% clean!

I’m a three time winner of the APCA PERFORMER OF THE YEAR!!

I’ve been touring colleges nationally for well over a decade.

But there’s more… lots more! Cornell University hails, “He wowed the audience! This was one of the most successful events of the semester and was due to Max’s ability to engage the audience.”

See for yourself!

Set List

I'm one of these guys that know like over 800 songs. Way too many to list here. If it helps, the main part of my show focuses on what can be considered Beach Party, summer time, "everyone-knows-the-words-to" songs... Day-o, My Girl, Shout, Summer Nights, I Will Survive, Jimmy Buffett, etc.