Well, don't be fooled by the name-it's actually in reference to many forms of metal/rock coexisting within the same band/cd. Most bands shy away from this diversity and are therefore pigeon-holed into one sound/one form. This limits creativity. And we want no part of it. Just listen to our cd!!


The band that is travesty began around 2003 with just Jonathan and Jared. They couldn't find an apt- enough drummer so they put out the travesty demo themselves with Jared picking up drum duties as well. Revolver magazine liked what they heard and profiled travesty in their "raw talent" section. But to play live and take the drumming up a notch they knew a seasoned drummer was needed. Enter Mario. Gigs followed with membership in the Seventh Level Records family as well as the release of their debut album "Adverse Effects" Many albums have been sold at shows with that many more individual songs being downloaded via the internet. Songs from the album have also been featured on Internet Pod Cast Shows. One song in particular "The Recoil" has caught the attention of promoter Larry Weir and discussions of pitching the song coast to coast are under way. Gigs are continuing to take place along with preproduction for their second album as yet unnamed. As stated in my "elevator pitch", with travesty, you get a variety of music with our influences ranging from thrash metal to mainstream rock to punk to alternative rock back to metal in the progressive and death categories and finally music sprinkled with a little bit of blues.
I thank you for reading.


travesty-"adverse effects"
Pod Cast Songs-"Through Tragedy";"Little Bastards"
Radio Airplay-not yet

Set List

1. "travesty"-8 minute instr.(progressive)
2. "train"- 4 minutes(thrash)
3. "blue"-5 minutes (change of pace-blues)
4. "through tragedy"-5 minutes(thrash/death)
5. "the march"- 4 minutes (mainstream rock crowd- sing- along- song)

typically we play 30-40 minute sets.