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Travis Austin


Travis Austin is the fresh new sound and face of the Spanish guitar. As a songwriter and producer, he melds progressive new age with contemporary jazz and Latin/Flamenco music. Travis displays unmatched virtuosity with every dynamic performance. Check out more music at


At 25 years old, Travis Austin has performed all over California at fairs, music festivals, wineries, weddings, night clubs, etc. Performing original material from several self-composed, performed, recorded, and produced albums, as well as new arrangments of classic rock and jazz tunes. Travis is inspired by artists like Al di Meola and Steve Vai; unbound, risk taking, all-controlling musicians, who are able to manifest their emotions, reflections of life, and passion in all of their compositions. Thus captivating, inspiring, and giving hope to great crowds of listeners, mostly music lovers…


Embrace the Spirit

Written By: Travis Austin

Tired people, crowded cities, left behind,
swept with the sands of time

I gotta get myself back together, got to get it right,
Time’s running out, Its now or never

One shot, don’t miss, its your only chance now,
Once in a lifetime

Yeah its real easy, see ‘cause
Perception is the key, you’ve got to set your mind free

If money’s just an illusion, please show me that magic trick baby
Its no trick, money’s freedom

Single file, they lead their simple lives,
mindlessly working, rich just getting richer

I can’t take no more political insanity, controlling all humanity

Did you know, positivety is power
And hatred’s so weak

Ya got to learn to live your dream now baby,
Seize the moment

Embrace the Spirit
The world is inside you


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Set List

Travis Austin can perform his material with minus one tracks, for up to 3 hour sets.