Travis Bixby

Travis Bixby

 Kokomo, Indiana, USA

I am a singer/songwriter from Elwood, IN. I currently reside in Kokomo, IN I have written over 100 songs. I play acoustic guitar and sing. I sound like a cross between a male version of Jewel (on the guitar) and a newer acoustic version of Bob Dylan. I've even been told I'm sort of like Neil Young.


I have a wide array of influences from pop to country: I have studied songwriting online at a website called, although I am mostly self taught on the guitar songwriting and voice, I have had the pleasure of studying songwriting under Craig Bickhardt, who helped co-write the song "All The Things We've Never Done" and wrote the song "Where I Used to Have a Heart" among many others for Martina McBride. I am currently a member of BMI. Music is my passion. I figured I had a knack for singing when I performed in Indianapolis Community Theatre. I won an Encore award for my performance of "Mama Look Sharp" in 1776 at Footlite Musicals. It wasn't until I went to Sheryl Crow's "Come On, Come On" concert that I finally realized that is what I wanted to do. I wanted to touch people with my music. I would have to say my biggest influence in music is Jewel though. She has never failed to impress me when it comes to expanding into other genres of music. I heard of her when I was thirteen years old. She has done everything from pop, folk, rock and country. I can only hope that my music touches people like the artists I admire. I am grateful for the opporotunity to play my music to all who will listen to my message. Thanks for your time.



New Orleans

Written By: Travis Bixby

New Orleans

Copyright-2009 Travis Bixby

New Orleans Yes New Orleans
I miss you new orleans
there is so much order here
and it's hard to keep things clean
so once again I long for you oh town
of New Orleans
You're better than the places that I've never been
and all of the places that I've seen
So it's time that you return to me
oh town of New orleans
Can you feel the walls Can you feel the walls?
They're closing in at the table where I sit
Three lone chairs and then there's me
it's hard to make things fit
but fitting in is not the case
in the town of New Orleans
Every Worry is erased and Damage is unseen
So if I push beyond the walls where the sun beats
down and gleams I know that you'll return someday
oh town of New Orleans
Oh Toooownnn of New Orleans.

Small Town Boy

Written By: Travis Bixby

"Small Town Boy"

Copyright 2008-Travis Bixby


I'm just a small town boy from elwood indiana
dream of making it big between here and alabama
teneesee is where I wanna be and there ain't nobody gonna stop me

Have you ever walked down that road
where your dreams come to an end
it seems there ain't nowhere to go
but let me tell you this my friend


Verse 2:

Things might get in my way
but I ain't gonna let em get me down
and if there's one thing left to say
I'm gonna get out of this town

Repeat chorus

Verse 3:
Yes I've made it through the rain
and i've paid my dues I know
When I ain't feeling no more pain
and it's time for me to go

I'm still a small town boy from elwood indiana
dream of making it big between here and alabama
teneesee is where I wanna be and there ain't nobody gonna stop me


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Set List

My set list includes original songs:

New Orleans
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Small Town Boy
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