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Baby Girl

Written By: Travis Krakow

It was a lifetime of sadness
a lifetime of fear
I was hiding it all
in a bottle of beer

Everyday was a struggle
just to get by
searching for reasons why i'm alive

My sweet baby girl picks me up when i'm down
her cute little face
turned my whole life around

it's still amazing
how that one special day
opened my eyes
to a world far away

workin so hard
80 hours a week
trying to give them
the things that they need

Always behind on all
of the bills
feels like my life is going downhill


Hopin & prayin everything is alright
as I lye awake
next to my wife

Wondering what she thinks of me
if she has any regrets
in the life that we lead

Then she says to me
we realize
all the things that you do
and i want you to know
how much we love you