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Travis Marsh

Camarillo, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | INDIE

Camarillo, California, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2016
Solo Pop Singer/Songwriter




"Rock Your Fashion 2009"

National Introduction of Rock Your Fashion's Travis Marsh

PRLog (Press Release) – Dec 18, 2008 – World Fashion House in association with Lewis Agency premiers a new extraordinary talent in the 2009 Rock Your Fashion Campaign.

With the CK Jeans brand for men as a campaign banner for the spring review of Rock Your Fashion, it was evident that the young male entertainers selected to be featured in this component of the series would have to be very special. Such a description is very fitting for the multitalented Travis Marsh who was hand selected by Michael Thompson from more than 400 hundred artist submissions. His craft as a musician ranges from playing the piano and guitar to drums & woodwind instruments. As a vocalist, Travis is described by Marcellus Brackard, director of music merchanding for WFH. "Travis has the musical ability to encapulate the listener; convincing them of every word expressed through his signature delivery." Consumers can experience Travis' brand of entertainment in the CK Jeans spring break sweepstakes via podcasts, in-store displays, listening stations, and editoral reviews.

Talent seems to run in the Marsh family as Travis will also be accompanied in the campaign, by his sister Amanda Marsh, a pop/country singer.

Lewis Agency is a media relations firm in New York and Los Angeles. The firm specializes in marketing and publicizing entertainment and pop culture brands. - WWW

"Travis Marsh on Hollywire"

Do You Crave Gossip Girl? Were You a Dawson’s Creek Freak? Then Check Out ‘Anywhere’
Posted on 15 May 2009 by xXxTerra

Country-pop singer Amanda Marsh and her brother, rock singer and guitarist Travis Marsh, have been casted in the upcoming webdrama, “Anywhere,” directed by Patrick Norris and Sergio Vasquez. If you’re like me, your don’t have high hopes for a series of webisodes, but this one is worth checking out because the director, Patrick Norris, has directed lots of popular mainstream televisions shows, including Gossip Girl, Friday Night Lights, Dawson’s Creek, Greek, Chuck, My So-Called Life (a personal fave), Army Wives and others.
“Anywhere” premieres on May 30th.
Watch the trailer here:

If you like what you heard, check out each siblings myspace at


They’ll be performing at SXSW, too! - Hollywire Gossip Sire

"Examiner Exclusive Anywhere Travis and Amanda Marsh Story"

When you meet some people you just know they got that something extra special. Your Las Vegas Celebrity Events Examiner brought you a World Examiner Premier Webisode for Memorial Day!

To start off with this continued Examination on Travis and Amanda Marsh here is an open letter from Amanda received on Memorial Day Monday to fans and to give you all a FREE gift of music. Feel the love from Amanda on behalf of her brother and all those who contributed and made Anywhere a reality.

"Hello Jay, This is Amanda Marsh and I would like to thank you so much for featuring out new web series on your website! Travis and I are super excited about working with Patrick Norris and Sergio Vasquez. Patrick has done so many amazing things in his career. From working on "Thirtysomething" and "Dawson's Creek" (my personal all time fav) to "My so Called Life" and such current hits as "Greek", "Friday Night Lights" and my current favorite "Gossip Girl" I would like to let all of your readers know about a way to get a free download of mine and Trav's music. Go to and click get a free download.
By the way...Las Vegas is one of my most favorite places to visit. Hope to play there soon!
Amanda Marsh"

Time and time again these two incredible individuals make sure that credit is given where credit is due and this open letter she sent to your Las Vegas Celebrity Events Examiner shows their giving nature.

Travis and Amanda Marsh, and their first two Webisodes!

They have been signing and playing all their lives, they are young, hot, and they are going to be the next big stars in music and television.

Meeting Travis and Amanda Marsh recently at an event at Poetry in Caesars for Rainn, Rape, Incest, and Abuse national Network this Examiner was taken back by their genuine personalities, their gifted talents, and their desire to create music that means something.
While interviewing Travis and Amanda they let it be known that they were getting ready to put out their first Webisodes produced by Norris Vasquez and directed and written by Patrick Norris and Sergio Vasquez and of course Starring Travis and Amanda Marsh the mega talented singers and song writers in their debut acting roles.

The music is all original from Travis and Amanda Marsh.

It was your Las Vegas Celebrity Events Examiners great honor and privilege to present and Exclusive World Wide Web Webisode Premier Memorial Day, Monday.
This is a first ever event in the history of the Internet when a news column presents Webisode Premier.

We do it best and first and it happened from Las Vegas.

When it happens in Vegas it gets examined in Vegas, by your Las Vegas Celebrity Events Examiner on

Travis and Amanda has already had careers to many would have been happy to had. They are 100% focased on thier goals and have step by step moved forward building an extenisive collection of songs, live work, video, photos, and good times.

So to complete this story about Travis and Amanda Marsh you need to have more great stuff to view and listen too both together and individually.
First heres LIVE Travis Marsh playing Start at Love Again. Enjoy!

This next LIve song from an outdoor event will rip your heart out and I believe will show where it all comes from, his soul. This is a song he wrote for his little sister, Different Kind of Beautiful. For such a young individual write such powerful music is talent on level so rare that it could only come from the heart of a prodigy.

Amanda has really come into her own and beginning to really shake things up. She and Travis are Nashville bound in mid June for the CMA Festival for for straight days of music in what could be the largest single musical show case of any genre "Anywhere" i the world.
First lets enjoy some live photo shoot action from her new album cover just out, you got to love her alblum photos, Amanda is having fun and is ready to step up to the music charts and take her turn in the spot light.

Just to prove how much fun is this next music video is Amanda's cartoon! It's her song Love Will Get a Hold of You. Enjoy!

This is the original article your Las Vegas Celebrity Events did on Travis and Amanda Marsh never before published on But first a video from that charitble event.

Caretaker of Music
Melody and Harmony
By Jay David Murphy

When you get the chance to meet a musical prodigy your never sure what you going to get, on the occasion of meeting with Travis Marsh, just 18 years old, you get to be in the presence of an old soul. Such a soul, that in his eyes, you can see the history of music unfolding in them, you can feel that he is the universes caretaker of melody and harmony.

Genuine, real, and authentic barely scrape the surface of this young man, who carries himself with the quite confidence of a just and benevolent King. CK Jeans and “Fashion For Rainn” could not have found a better representative of musical genius for their and brand and cause.

With model good looks, charismatic presence and a smile that will melt any young woman or a grandmother, he takes you by surprise with his attentiveness, alertness, knowledge, and wisdom.

While listening to his CD ‘Bad Cat’, you quickly become aware that he is not only a virtuoso on guitar, but has a voice that is now, relevant, and passionate. His voice and guitar compliment each other on a level not heard in a generation. In fact, to try and compare him to a musical talent of the, past or present, is a task left to history writers, yet names like Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley, and Nat King Cole comes quickly to mind. Travis Marsh has the songwriting talent of Dylan, the charm of Elvis,
and the cool of Cole and all their talents wrapped into one package.

It’s all in his eyes, a gift from his mother. He radiates passion, joy, love, and innocence that reach right into your soul, to learn about you, understand you, and communicate with you. Those magnificent blue eyes, the same as his mothers, who has nurtured him with the greatest of care and love.

Getting his first guitar for Christmas at 11 years old, a package deal with amp, music, and picks from Costco, he found an instrument for his hands to accompany his voice. It wasn’t until 14 that he realized that music was his true love for the “rest of his life.” For Travis, music is his tool to communicate his “passion” to the world.

In the late evening, when it’s past midnight, does this self professed, “being completely obsessed with practicing until I fall asleep after 3am,” is when he becomes “completely relaxed and inspired.” That’s when the song writing becomes the magic he possess, illuminates and coalesces in his mind, hands, and soul and the gifts of music he brings to us simple souls, comes to life and then rendered for us to enjoy. That’s “when his best songs just come out.”

“The music never leaves the brain all day, lyrics and melodies just come out all at once,” they are his manna from god. “As weird and perverse as this sounds, I have the vision and hope all the pieces to the puzzle comes together.” It is a gift that few generations get to enjoy, a voice for this generation to pay attention too.

His thoughts quickly turn to his older sister Amanda and making sure her wonderful talent is not lost or overshadowed by his; he brings her over to join the conversation. She is his sister mom. Her eyes, like her brothers and her mothers, shine like moonbeams and you know instantly she has always been by his side, always watching out for him, champion for him, and a friend who has accompanied him through the eternities

Amanda, like her brother is finishing an album and they have already co-produced 4 episodes of the television series “Anywhere” with writer Patrick Norris and director Sergio Vasquez about being on the road, playing music to survive, in search of their father. You could very well see this duo on this falls television schedule and it would be a “don’t miss affair.”
Of course, they both encourage everyone to join the “Fashion For Awareness” and the “Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network” and help get the word to those who need your help and understanding.

When you consider the times we live in and the challenges we face in the world, be comforted in the knowledge that young people like these are out there ready to battle injustice, “Speak Out” for those can’t, and represent what is good in humanity.

And if you are blessed to meet Travis Marsh, remember you are in the presence of the Universes Caretaker of Music: Melody and Harmony.

Jay David Murphy - Las Vegas Examiner

"Leicester Bangs Interview"

Travis Marsh
A little Q&A with singer-songwriter Travis Marsh.

Leicester Bangs: Tell us a little about yourself.
Travis: I am 18 years old. I am graduating from high school next month. I have been playing guitar since I was 11 when I fell in love with it. I am a solo artist but also am in a group with my sister Amanda Marsh. I have been writing my own songs since about 13. Amanda has been singing all her life too. We write songs together everyday. An exciting thing from this year is that one of my songs "Make Her Love Me" was a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition.

LB: How did you start out making music?
Travis: I got a guitar and amp from Santa Claus!

LB: Who did you grow up listening to and how do they influence what you’re doing now?
Travis: I grew up listening to classic rock with my parents. Some favorites include Pink Floyd, Beatles, The Who, AC/DC and many others. I also really got into Elliot Smith, Nick Drake, Ben Gibbard, Sam Beam etc. I feel like every song I listen to has made some sort of an impact on me and the music I make.

LB: Tell us about your latest release.
Travis: My first album "Los Angeles" just came out. It is available on CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes, and some other record stores. It is a combination of all my thoughts and feelings from the last couple years.

LB: Do you get out and play your music live, and if so, what can an audience expect at one of your shows?
Travis: I do play out a lot. Right now I am playing acoustic shows at Hot Topic Stores and will be performing in NAshville, Tenn. at the CMA Fan Fest with my sister Amanda. Most of the shows I do include Amanda and her music.

LB: What aspects of playing and recording music do you most enjoy?
Travis: My favorite part of playing a live show is being able to connect with my fans. My favorite part of recording would definitely be right after I know I just played or sang the best take of the day.

LB: Where can people find (and buy) your music?
Travis: CD Baby, iTunes, ATM Music Group and not forgetting MySpace.

- Leicester Bangs

"Guestlist Magazine CD Review"

The rock genre is full of sub-genres that expose an artist from the inside out and pound for pound it is the singer/songwriter genre that is a personal favorite of mine. These artists aren’t afraid to wear their hearts out on their sleeves and occasionally one will come along that doesn’t get so wrapped up in being an artist that they end of writing very marketable material as is the case with Travis Marsh. His blending of alternative rock with great guitar work, and an outstanding voice and lyrics allow him to blend together a solid sound that will work across multiple fan bases. There is the side of Marsh that would satisfy they artsy types that like to sit around a coffee shop and have music playing while they sip their coffee and play on their wi-fi as he shows with his acoustic based offerings like “Losing Myself” and “Make Her Love Me,” where he sings a simple but very relatable lyric about how he is crazy over a girl but he is too insecure to pull the trigger and tell her. However, with bands like Something Corporate and the whole Drive Thru Records revolution that led the way in the early 2000’s, Marsh is not a one trick pony and offers up a modern rock sound as well that is suitable for any number of the kids that flock to Warped Tour every summer. Cuts like “Los Angeles,” “Coming Down” and “My Kind of Girl” all offer the pop blended alternative rock that has become extremely popular amongst the new generation of fans. Marsh proves with this EP that he writes catchy songs that are relatable and could become anthems for a new generation, as he tends to offer up a very sing-a-long styled chorus 99% of the time making sure his songs get stuck in your head.

- Guestlist Magazine

"Travis Marsh - A Music Artist You Must Know"

Raw talent is undeniable and we are so stoked to have stumbled upon new music that screams goodness!
Music artist Travis Marsh had us like whoa, as we came across his website. We checked out all of featured videos and Soundcloud… we must say it was love at first sight! The videos include his track “I’ll Always Be There” and Soundcloud to “American Dream.”
“I’ll Always Be There” features Travis in black and white film, sitting at the piano singing a breathe taking ballad. If you want to listen and focus his vocals, take a listen to his Souncloud of “American Dream.” Both elements feature Travis’ refreshing sound and music genre.
Travis has been pretty busy lately with his career and has been collaborating with many featured artist. He’s performed at SXSW and has performed with Joel Crouse, Collen Zenk and Keke Palmer. To keep up with his upcoming gigs, visit and follow him on all social sites. - AMB Magazine


6 song EP - Los Angeles
6 song EP- Love is in the details by Amanda Marsh

3 song EP- Amanda and Travis (Self-Titled)

12 Song LP - American Dream



Travis Marsh is a singer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist who embodies different musical ideas, flirting with genres as diverse as alternative rock, folk and pop. Echoing the mercurial personality of Ryan Adams and the in-your-face rock attitude of Iggy Pop in equal doses. Travis is all about mixing memorable melodies with great energy!
After touring last year with Country artist Joel Crouse, Travis eventually returned to his hometown of LA, where he set out to focus on his solo work, blurring the lines between rock, country and pop. Also an accomplished Producer.

Band Members