Travis McClain

Travis McClain


The music I write reflects the seasons of my soul. I hope to bridge communities with my music, and reach out to all those who can relate to what it is that I have experienced in my life. My sound is haunting yet beautiful, simple yet emotionally complex.


My influences include Ryan Adams, Rich Mullins, James Taylor, Bono, Joni Mitchell, David Crowder, and Damien Rice. I record music that seems to feel like something familiar, but then takes the listener in a new direction. It's organic. I also play in a full-on rock band, Soundmind. We have played at just about every venue in Los Angeles. I am able to travel the full spectrum, from solo artist to lead singer.


Central Park

Written By: Travis McClain

Feeling the same way I did last night
New York is strange, and I'm sure sometimes you get down
and think of me

Walk through the town to the central park
catching my breathe now I picture you across the street
It's bittersweet

Darling all I want is you
Darling all I want is you
Darling all I want is for you to walk through that door
You to walk through that door and end this pain
Tonight I'll sing a song
and dream I'm walking you home
each day moves along this road to you
darling with you

Verse 2:
absence is just what I thought it was
fond as I am of my growing love it'd be nice
to run my fingers through your hair
stranger then hell how I care this much
laughter reminds me of how your smile makes it easy
easy to breathe

Chorus x1


Written By: Travis McClain

When the sun sets
On Manhattan
I’m not there
But you are

What a bruised heart
And what a healing
What a feeling
we could share

Oh, etc…what I’d give if I could breathe you in

A One way street now
I heed my lessons
Even if I’m cold now
I won’t turn my head

Cause this one season
Could last forever
So heaven help me
And let me in

Oh, etc…. one more loss tonight might do me in

I fell in love with you x3

Feet don’t fail me
Don’t fail me now x3


Full Solo Album (
Travis McClain
Independently distributed, sold primarily through the internet.
Soundmind (
Self-titled debut album includes 8 tracks, all original, all good.

Set List

Solo List:
1. Central park
2. Manhattan
3. Growing Old
4. Wonderwall (cover)
5. The Book Of Revelation
6. Answer To all Fears
7. Fire and Rain (Cover)
8. Georgia

The Full Band set is a completely different set of songs, and we play for over an hour at most venues.