Travis Roberts

Travis Roberts


My mission is to create and share songs with inspirational lyrics that will encourage and motivate God's people into deeper relationship with him.


Travis Roberts is a christian music songwriter, performer, and producer. Born and raised in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia, Travis continues to call the area "home." Currently he is an Associate Pastor at Destiny Outreach Ministries, a church located in the Bluefield/Tazewell, Va. area.

Musically, Travis helps lead worship on a weekly basis at Destiny, and travels; performing at various venues, including churches, coffeehouses, youth events, festivals, and more. In 2008, he released an EP on the Higher Plan Music Group label titled, "Love's Revolution." The EP was co-produced by Mitch Waddell of Majesty Productions in Dallas. The name of the EP was inspired by a movement among the churches in Tazewell County, Virginia that are coming together to combat addiction and a "generational curse" that plagues the area. In fact, the problem is so bad, Time Magazine reported on the issue in 2005.

"Folks in Tazewell County know they better keep their eyes open, their toolsheds locked and their barn doors shut. Junkies, addicted to prescription pills and looking for anything to steal to pay for their next fix, have turned this 520-sq.-mi. patch of Appalachian Virginia--a bucolic tangle of wooded mountains, steep hills and rolling pastures dotted with sagging barns and country churches--into a society plagued by pilferers. They swipe guns from unlocked cabinets and push motorcycles out of garages in the dead of night. They swap or sell stolen watches, lawn mowers and sneakers for potent painkillers like OxyContin." --Time Magazine, 2005.

"For too long in our community, we've turned our backs on those struggling with addiction. We want to show the people who are filling their hurts with drugs and other substance abuse, that their is hope and that is found through Jesus Christ," says Travis.

In addition to Travis' pastoral staff activities, he also helps lead "Celebrate Recovery," a christ centered recovery program tailored for Tazewell County's probation and parole. Often he leads worship at meetings and helps with group sessions.

Travis has been married to his wife Rebekah for 7 years and they have one son, Carter who is now 3.


"Love's Revolution."-EP-2008 Higher Plan Music Group

Set List

A typical set list includes original songs such as "Love's Revolution," "More of You," "Everything to Me," and "I Say Yes." Cover worship songs are also presented, depending on the situation (ie: leading worship). Cover songs come from Gateway Church, Chris Tomlin, Paul Baloche, and more. Sets vary in length, from 20 min. to 1 hour.