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I am. I always have been. I always will be. There are no second chances only second glances. I love, I hate, I will. Method, Melody, Music.

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Remember When

Written By: Travis Scott Garland

If we don't know life then how can we know death
Confucius said.
Wait in this line it will help you find the time that you
Let's turn over the stones that pave the way
We could find our selves or help us dig each others graves

When I don't mind met I don't care
God and the Devil said I declare
there is no here only there.
And when no you don't met yes I do
I do believe that's when I knew
They got together just to split in two

Then you said you said to me
You'd rather be alone than free
you looked me through dead in the eye
Told me when to say goodbye
And so I walk I walk away
I'd give it all too live again
But you are too afraid to understand
To afraid to give a damn.

When I don't try met I don't dare
Time sat aside for them to share
Their where's and why's of despair
and when I'm in love met I am through
I do believe that's when we choose
To find each other or to start anew
To run away or to split in two

Then you said you said to me
I think I need another drink
you took me in your room and I
Stared inside your diamond eyes
Held you close and kissed your scars
Hid from ghosts gazed at the stars
Playing games like remember when
And I wonder if we'll meet again.


Rainmaker Sessions

Steve Geluso Sessions

Garage Recordings

Several songs on local high school ran radio station 88.1 the alternative.

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I have 30 recorded songs and a self made cover book of close to 50 songs.