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Travis Watson

Houston, Texas, United States

Houston, Texas, United States
Band Country Americana


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The best kept secret in music


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Travis Ray Watson started playing the guitar in the 8th grade. By High School, he was proficient enough to play in the Friendswood High School Jazz Band. Needless to say with Travis' love of country music, that Jazz Band had a little country twang to it the next couple of years. Travis has always been a man of big dreams. After rehearsal for the Christmas Band show of 1992, he stood out in the middle of the stage in the auditorium with his guitar and played a country song with his guitar, thinking nobody was listening and dreaming that he was playing for a packed house. Someone was listening because the Band Director walked up to him and asked if he would like to do a solo for the next show in the Spring. Travis happily obliged and soon a country/jazz band was developed with bass, drums, electric guitar, Travis Watson on rhythm and vocals and a background singer with a tamborine. (Its on tape!!!) They practiced a few times and played the song Forever and Ever, Amen by Randy Travis. After the Spring show was completed, and as Travis was walking out, ANOTHER person who was in the audience came up to him and introduced herself. She happened to be the Musical Director for Friendswood High School. She said, You need to be in our Musicals. SO Travis happily obliged again. Next year, he played Fire and Rain by James Taylor in the Band show and played in the Oklahoma! Musical Band on guitar. By his Junior year, things were going well. He landed a Supporting role as a German Officer in The Sound of Music and was also taking voice lessons by the renowned Betty Gardiner of Houston, former early teacher of Kenny Rogers, Lisa Hartman and others. Through Betty, Travis increased his range by an octave on both highs and lows, precisely learned how to control his voice and use falsetto when needed. He did this because he knew a big role might be around the corner by his Senior Year. That Christmas of 1994, Travis sang Ill Be Home For Christmas for the ENTIRE SCHOOL and got a standing ovation. And yes, that big role happened. In 1995, he landed the role of Emile de Becque in the musical South Pacific, singing classic musical hits in front of multiple audiences of 1,000 plus. After High School, Travis networked and developed relationships in the country music field. Country music was where his heart has been all along. He knew he had all the right elements. He had the NAME (countless people, even the High School principal has said that has a great country music name), the looks, the talent, the focus, the drive and THE SONG (My Biggest Thrill by Buz Hart and Phil Hamm) to go places in country music. All he needed was a team of people to believe in his vision. After High School, Travis joined forces with The Dark Riders Band. It was one of those bands where everybody except Travis was half-way drunk by the end of the night. It gave Travis great bar room experiences in the Alvin Area but overall was not for him with all the drinking and un-professionalism. He played acoustic guitar for Junior Gordon & Checkered Past after that and got the opportunity to work with local musicians by the name of Brad Welsh on drums (formerly with The Emotions) and Matt Mead (of the The Matt Mead Band). One time in between sets, a guy pulled him aside and said, Man, the lead singer sounds great (he sounded like a twangy Ronnie Dunn) but I heard you sing a little (Travis would always sing the first couple songs of each set) and you sound DIFFERENT. Travis took that as a great compliment, gave the gentleman his number but never heard from him again. These times were important in that it showed Travis how bands are not supposed to be run and it really got him down. He was thinking, Is this how it is starting out? At this time, Travis was working full time, not sure of where he wanted to go in life and playing in these bands. He started tinkering with the idea of doing it solo with background tapes, playing by himself in the Alvin area, not having to deal with the headaches of booze-filled garage bands. He actually paid a whole couple semesters at Alvin Community College through music money alone. While solo, one admirer hired himself on sound and helped out in that area, another guy by the name of Eric Schultz gave him his card and said Dude, you sound great and if you ever need a sax player, give me a shout. Erics girlfriend told Travis, Man, if that was a live band behind you instead of those background tapes, it would be amazing! He finally got so sick and tired of it that he decided to venture off into his second love in life called flying. Travis Watson went off to Central Texas College in September of 1999, then Tarleton State University and graduated in May 2001. By that time he had acquired his Commercial Certificate with an Instrument Rating. He then went to Colorado for 2 weeks to acquire his Certified Flight Instructor Certificate, then returned to Houston and got his Multi-Engine Rating. After that he flight instructed for 1.5 years, got