Travis Woodruff

Travis Woodruff


Travis Woodruff has a voice, presence and writing style ranging from traditional country to swampy rock/blues. The list of influences and style similarities is long. Think "Alabama meets Neil Diamond at an Alman Brothers & Marshall Tucker jam with Don Williams as lead man" and you'll get the idea.

Biography an Artist, Songwriter & Musician. His style includes Country, Blues, Rock & Jazz forming the unique sound which he delivers so well.

Hailed as one of the “best unsigned songwriters in Nashville”, Travis is making his mark in the Country Music Industry.

The musical path for Travis Woodruff began and continues to be one of dedication and hard work. His writing reflects his musical influences: Bob Wills, Louis Armstrong, Neil Diamond, Charlie Rich, Ian Anderson and Clint Black it corroborates his love for music as a form with no boundaries.

This talented young man has been sought after by big names in the Music City. Warner Chappell and Warner Brothers have shown interest in him as a writer. As of yet, he is still deciding which way to pursue his writing career.

Travis has written with some of the best! Byron Hill, Giles Godard, Jeff Stevens, and Stan Webb, as well as new artists Jesse Lee (Atlantic Records) and Krista Marie (Broken Bow records) leaving songs he's co-written with them in catalogs at Universal, Warner Chappell and EMI.

He's on the move and who knows where he'll stop... Maybe in your home town!


Bound For Colorado

Written By: Travis Woodruff

**I've got no reason nor rhyme
Not to leave everything I've known behind
I've packed my bags and set them by the door
And I'm bound for Colorado, bound for Colorado

Like I Know The Rain

Written By: Travis Woodruff & Lorna Flowers

I wanna know what it’s like to soak up your love,
drown in your kisses and find shelter in your touch.
I wanna know you as you’re seepin in,
let the waters rise when the storm begins.

Oh, I wanna know you like I know the rain.

I wanna feel you fallin down all over me,
drench me to the bone, surround me like the sea.
I wanna get lost in you when the tide rolls in,
washin over me, warm against my skin.

Oh, I wanna know you like I know the rain.

I know the dark clouds better than the silver lining.
So, let the thunder roll and stop the sun from shinnin.
And hold me through the hurricane,
cause I wanna know you like I know the rain.

I wanna see you like I see the sky,
and the seasons turn as the years roll by.
Cause I can take all the pleasure and the pain,
if I can learn from you how to love again.

Oh, I wanna know you like I know the rain.
O-o-oh, I wanna know you like I know the ra-a-ain, ra-a-ain, ra-a-a-ain.
Like I know the rain


"Where The Roanoke River Runs" - CD
Singles - Like I Know The Rain, Where The Ronanoke River Runs, Love In A Cereal Box - all with streaming on varios internet indie-broadcast radios

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