T-Ray is a solo acoustic performer with a 7000 song repetoire including Johnny Cash, Led Zepplin and Dave Matthews


Started playing and singing about 30 years ago at age 7. Have played in all styles and lineups of bands and duos, in many different genres including, rock, metal, goth metal/emo, country, and jazz/nostalgic/crooner. Although I've written many originals, I have yet to complete a studio recording of these works. Have learned alot from friends/aquaintances who are schooled musicians..to them I owe a great debt of gratitude! Currently, I'm "in the trenches" night after night after night performing mostly covers with some originals, in all the regional live entertainment venues. I've come to realize that it's time to get my own personal music into folk's ears, minds, and hopefully hearts and souls as well. I have MANY influences ranging from Cole, Cuomo, Crosby, Sinatra and Martin, to Cash, Haggard, Jennings, Nelson, Kristofferson, to Lightfoot, Chapin, Stevens, Fogelberg, to Brooks, Black, Chestnut, Van Shelton, to Maiden, Priest, Dio, Zeppelin, ACDC, Chains, Cornell...on and on. I've been described many times as having a somewhat uncanny ability to emulate many artists vocal stylings, hence my personal voice, if I've even really found it yet, would be a conglomeration of many of my influences with a wide range as well..essentially bass to mezzo-soprano..for most performances. While I've had some good opportunities in the past in this industry, time, unforseen occurence, and other people have always been major factors in those opportunities not coming to fruition; shall we say. It's time I stand and say that "I'll no longer take 'no' for an answer"! I'm ready to do this...

Set List

The songs I cover on any particular night range in most genres and span from the 40's til what's current. Sets are usually at least an hour to an hour and half long.