Killeen, Texas, USA

the R&B scene is being looked at as one of the most succesful music venue of today, and Tray-1 who is not limited to R&B but also pop is booming with his new hit stuck on you. One listen will have you hooked, Being compared to the great Frankie J and J Sean, the music scene is waiting for Tray-1!


Joseph "Tray-1" Dunlap was born in Menden Germany, but also has a majority of italian family roots on his father's side.Quickly rushed to killeen texas, Tray-1 has always been preforming and even acting. At the age of 8, Tray-1's mother and father split up and His mother was constantly at work which left him searching for some sort of a father figure. During this impact on his life, he turned to the streets and began a life associated with drugs and crime. This should never be justified unless you find the strength to break free and overcome a life of poverty and a broken home. Tray-1 began to turn his life towards music and after a catastrophic event leaving Tray-1 hospitalized due to drugs, He began to rethink his life. Stuck in his home for a year due to health problems, he began to perfect his music he was already lucky enough to accomplish. He began singing instead of rapping and has always been inspired by the great Michael Jackson. During this time, Tray-1 perfected his craft and quickly made the transition of a Hip-Hop artist, to a new R&B/Pop sensation which is catching the ear of all who listen. Some comparisons have been the great Frankie-J, Chris Brown, and J Sean. Exploding with his new hit single "Stuck on you" this is a face you will be familiar with in the not far off future.

Set List

Stage plot is always flexible, from live band to dancers, two artist that come together, can always work something out.