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The best kept secret in music


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"An Interview with Tray From Block 1"

Tray From Block 1 Interview
How would you describe the evolution of hiphop?
Hip hop music has evolved from party songs over disco loops to one of the biggest media tools worldwide. I started Mc'n in 1984 so i had a chance to experience the different faces hiphop took on. Hiphop has always talked about the state of the minority people in America, how much we have, how good we are etc. etc. Now, there is great financial opportunity for those involved in the hiphopculture. I think this is a very positive evolution in spite of memories that taint the legacy of hiphop. When you listen to my music it's like taking a history class on hiphop.

What was your childhood like?
I grew up in Altgeld Gardens on the southside of Chicago.Had both parents at home,did well in school, but I loved running the streets. We struggled just like anybody else in the projects. Lotta gangs, drugs, and violence in my hood. I always embraced hip hop and that gave me a lot of chances to get out the hood. Me and my pops didn't get along very well which led up to me being put out at 16. I eventually came back home and then moved out when I was 18. Had a lot of fun times too. Had my own breakdance crew back in the day. My block was full of kids so I had a lot of partners to run with
Did you have any difficulties growing up in a world surrounded by drugs and violence?
Not at all. In any environment you gotta be able to do what you have to in order to survive. I lost a few guys and girls to the streets, but that is to be expected. I'm blessed to still be here ya feel me?

Do you have any brothers or sisters?
Yeah. I got 2 brothers and 3 sisters.

If so, are they musically inclined as well?
Actually it was my big sis who taught me how to rap. My big bruh would always put in tune with new albums and stuff. My lil bruh got crazy flow too.

Who would you say are the most influential hip hop artists out there now and why?
Of course Kanye West, Jay-Z, everybody out of ATL,G-Unit/Shady/Aftermath camp. These artists are trendsetters and they set the standard in hiphop music.

What hip hop performers would you recommend to a person whose never really heard hip hop before?
KRS-ONE. Then I would take em to the local scene where cats like Spree, Jrunk Unklz, Drunken Monkee,Chi Blizz and myself tear it up everytime.

What venues have you played?
I've done B-side(Avalon), Bop Shop, The Spot, Double Door, Sub-T, Wild Hare,Exedus II,Rapture, Rhythm,AC Club, The Note,ChicagoState,Columbia College, Champaign, Carbondale, Illinois State, EIU, Malcolm X, Windy City Lounge, Red Dog, Riviera, Isaac Hayes. Been doing shows in Chitown since 92-93. I performed with different crews and used different stage names.

Where would you like to see yourself in the next year or two?
Running my company (Block 1 MultiMedia Group) fulltime. Releasing songs whenever I feel like it. I also see myself doing alot of charity events for kids and kids with special needs. Yes, this grimy cat has a heart. Shout out to BeatBrokers, Move Studios, Michele at Block 1 MMG,Spree Isreal,ChiBlizz,GetEmGyrl Ent.,and all my people that love hiphop.

We sincerely want to thank you for taking the time with us today. Good luck toward your future and we look forward to watching your career continue to soar.

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Album: U.S.D.A. -- United States Designed Altgeld (2004)
1. U.S.D.A. Intro
10. G LIFE


Feeling a bit camera shy


Experience the evolution of hip-hop. Tray From Block 1 delivers the total package for those who appreciate any genre of hip-hop. Original, creative, and versatile, Tray has an extensive knowledge of hip-hop and knowledge of the streets.

Born and raised on the Southside of Chicago, Tray From Block 1 grew up in Altgeld Gardens, a Chicago Housing Project and one of the roughest neighborhoods in Chicago. He was nicknamed “Tray” by his parents and “Block 1” was the section of the Gardens where he lived. But despite the pressure of growing up in an environment filled with gangs, drugs, and violence, Tray continued to focus on his rap career. He performed throughout high school, recorded in basement studios, and in 1993 made his first professional recording.

Tray developed a love for hip-hop at an early age. In the mid 80’s, inspired by hearing music by the Sugar Hill Gang, he started rapping, and his love for rhymes and beats brought him to his purpose…hip-hop music. And that purpose continues today.

Tray has performed live in various venues throughout Illinois, the Midwest, and several other cities. In addition, he has opened for well-known acts such as Freeway and Nas. His performances deliver fresh lyrics backed with the hottest hip hop tracks and appeal to diverse crowds. He has competed in MC battles across the state and maintained an undefeated record for ten straight years.

Inspired by hip hop icons such as LL Cool J & Jay Z, but unique in his own sound, Tray's signature sound captures the true essence of hip hop. His first independent album, U.S.D.A. United States Designed Altgeld was released in January 2004 to critical acclaim. Tray is currently in the studio working on his sophomore project.

Here comes the COMMISSIONER of hip hop…come and roll with Tray From Block 1.