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Trayon Pass

College Park, Georgia, United States | SELF

College Park, Georgia, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop R&B


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Trayon Pass "Playground Video"" -

"MAch Five Feat. Trayon Pass "Greedmont Park" - MAch Five

"TAKERS (The Mixtape) CYPHER" - Takers Cypher

"F.L.Y. TV Exclusive "I Rock Bliss" Remix Performance" - Hot 107.9s E.T.

"Trayon Pass "I Rock Bliss" Produced by Maxx Payne Beats" - Killer Mike

"Pitbull "WataGataPitusBerry" Video Shoot (Trayon Pass)" - Pitbull

""I Rock Bliss" produced by Maxx Payne Beats"

CJ da Fly Guy ft Trayon Pass & Atlanta’s HOT 107.9 Durty Boy ET aka Sandman! The song is the official BLISS SKATE CO. Clothing Anthem! It features CJ’s label mate Trayon Pass of Upper Class Music Group and 107.9 Durty Boy ET. Fly Guy & Trayon Pass will be performing the song at the WTF Atlanta Pool Party at Metropointe Lofts & Indie Fest, both events are on July 24th!

- Rate My Fresh

"Interview w/Trayon Pass"

What started Trayon Pass in music?

¦He listened to a lot of albums growing up. Trayon said he’s good at poetry and likes everything from old school, jazz, 2 Pac, Biggie and Jay Z.

What inspired Trayon Pass for the song “Break U Off”?

¦He said it’s all for the ladies. It’s a track that everyone can feel good and listen to from ladies and even the guys.
¦“Break U Off” by Trayon Pass

What is Trayon Pass working on?

¦Trayon is working on his mix-tape that should be out within the next month. So make sure you keep on the lookout. He’s working on a mix-tape that will come out within the next month.

How did Trayon Pass get to where he’s at?

¦He met many great inspirations throughout the years. Trayon said he’s always working on his craft to bring something new. When working with “Skid” who became interested in his talent he started to coach Trayon. He would freestyle for an hour straight or write songs all day. He’s always ready to go when its time.

If Trayon wasn’t doing music, what would he be doing right now?

¦He loves what he does and doesn’t do it for the money or fame. Trayon said he’d be in the game no matter where he’s at in life because it’s his passion. He’s good with his hands so he would probably be in the carpentry industry.

What’s the most attractive thing about a woman?

¦Personality is whats most attractive about a woman because looks are deceiving,. He likes a nice, calm and cool girl.

In honor of Kiki’s Kinky Travels, what do you think is the best strip club?

¦Onyx in Atlanta, Georgia.

Any shout outs or something you would like to say to your fans?

¦Shout to the Untouchables, Atlanta, College Park. Bringing the futuristic out in the city. About to show the world and bring out real lyrics and substance to music.

Where can we find Trayon Pass music?

- Kiki Love

"Trayon Pass -Closed Caption (Mixtape)"

Trayon Pass of College Park dropped this explosive debut mixtape, Closed Caption, yesterday for 420. From beginning to end, this album goes in. Real Atlanta ish right here, I give it the Greedmont seal of approval, Certified Smoke! [Produce by Rookie. Mix by DJ Bush. Art by Corey Davis]

- Greenmont Park

"Albulm Review: Trayon Pass -Closed Caption (Free Download)"

Growing tired of ghetto Atlanta music? Well, you might just need a refresher course.

Trayon Pass’s release “Closed Caption” is a witty conjunction of collar-poppin’ club beats and gritty tongue twistin’. That’s not all of course. It’s hard to sum up a 22-track release in just a few syllables.

With some lyrical exceptions, it’s not your generic trap-star banger. It’s A-town down, no doubt, but is blazing a new path through a city that has already produced so many greats. And in essence that’s part of what Hip Hop is. It’s pushing in a new direction – just like the founders back in the day – and not spewing a sound defined by other artists.

Trayon may very well have found that path. Hailing from College Park, he’s doing a good job of towing the line between the new and old, the hood and mainstream. To provide an unnecessary comparison, his sound may be most parable to early Outkast with a 21st century undertone.

Further separating him from herd of closet MC’s is the production quality of the digital release. Some notable ATL DJ’s mark the guest list with names like DJ Unk and DJ Bush (of the Arsonist DJ Crew). Best of all, the album is up for FREE DOWNLOAD from the artist’s website.

- Clay Duda


Still working on that hot first release.



Perseverance, ambition, and the remarkable ability to prevail and rise above extreme hardships beyond control, all make Trayon Pass the incredible man he is today. Likewise, this array of extraordinary qualities has aided in molding Trayon Pass into the renowned artist he has grown into today.
Born as the youngest of four to Tammy Clark and Stoney Smith, Trayon Pass, a native of Atlanta, Georgia, was a young boy growing up alongside three sisters with his mother serving as a single parent. Early on, he witnessed the devastating circumstances of his father who was overwhelmed by drug addiction. Fortunately, the person whom would forever serve as an angel in his life, his great grandmother, relocated him to Thomasville. Although residing in a poverty stricken environment overwhelmed with violence, Trayon remained level headed, making intelligent decisions, and ultimately grew into an independent young man at an early age. He credits his perilous environment to his upbringing, but more importantly his great grandmother who went to great lengths to provide him with a safe haven, which eventually shielded him from the dangers of the streets.
In the midst of his unruly environment, Trayon was focused on his future and creating a better life for himself and his family, ultimately discovering his first love, music. Early on, Trayon’s passion and charisma was visibly apparent as he would often mimic artists he admired such as Jay Z, Styles P, Jadakiss, Common, and Atlanta’s own T.I. and Outkast. Trayon would use his individuality and creativity to record his own raps using his great grandmother’s tape recorder. As a well rounded young artist, Trayon used his academics and his immense amount of passion for his craft as inspiration for his lyrical creations.
At the tender age of eight, Trayon Pass relocated to College Park, Georgia, where he would reside through the course of his matriculation of Middle School and High School. During his sophomore year of High School, Trayon took a more serious approach to his rapping career after his partnership with Producer Marlin Floyd. Making further connections later on in his senior year, Trayon linked up with a host of producers which resulted in his long time partnership with Corey Davis and Aaron Ware, in which he recorded three mixtapes. Though the experience of creating his own mixtapes aided in Trayon’s growth as an artist, he credits a vast amount of his growth to Producer “Skid”, who took a great interest in teaching him the craft and overall serving as a mentor in his life.
Although Trayon was beginning to grow as an artist, he was struck by great tragic in his personal life. On December 26, 2007, Trayon suffered the loss of his great grandmother. It was at this point in his life that he knew he needed to go into overdrive to reach his dreams and complete success. After being introduced to super Producer Nigel Payne aka “Rookie”, Trayon began working diligently to perfect his craft.
Overall, Trayon Pass is the prime example of a young man determined to prevail and succeed in spite of his surroundings. Trayon has the drive and passion to triumph in his craft as an artist, and continues to work tirelessly recording in full fledged studios creating hits. Less than a year ago, Trayon was recording in basement/closet studios, so it’s safe to say he is determined to continue his progression as an artist rising straight to the top!