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Smell Like Money
Thing For The Kid



His name is Edward "TrayStackz Holley. born in the year of 1989, he has been making music since he was the age of 12. As he was growing up his father was in and out of jail so his mom raised him. He never really had a father figure or anyone to call his father. His mom gave him all she had and all she could give him so that's why him and her are real close and she's his inspiration through his music. When he was 11 years old his older cousin passed which took a big toll on him and a lot of his other family members. Before all his rapping and all he was a singer, he used to sing in front of anybody and everybody. Then by 12 years old he was writing and rhyming. Then he started taking rapping a little more serious and start making songs on tapes and tape recorders. By High School he knew this is what he wanted to be a rapper and rapping is what he did. He was determined to record tracks, so he set up his own studio in his house. He had a computer program, microphone, and a pop filter and started recording off of that. As Tray learned how to work the programs more his quality was getting a lot better. He was born Chicago where he was raised until his senior year in High School. Tray's school years were very Shaky because the schools and the community he was brought up in was tough, Everyone acted tough as if they had a point to prove, so you couldn't do anything but try to fit in. As time progressed he got more and more into his rap career, he started battling inside of malls or anywhere for that matter. There is only one person who impacted his career and that's his mom. Through it all she told him to “be a survivor and don't give up in what you believe in”. So Tray never gave up and he stuck it in and kept making music no matter what happened, and no matter what anybody thought about him good or bad. Even though the apple doesn't fall far from the tree because you can compare Tray to any artist that's in the business but he also choose to make music that no one can touch base with. He has performed at events such as a lot of school Talent Shows, Block Parties, and Birthday Parties and so on. He wants everybody to know he is not just a rapper, He is a artist and he does music for everybody, and he does it because he loves it when he gets done with a new song and people come back like “your so good”, “the song was so hot”.He loves that a lot and the people who support him is who he wants to thank. Everybody can relate to his music. Reason is he does a whole different variety of music and he still keeps it to what he likes, but he make his music fun for everyone. With his laid back style and very conservative style of dressing, not to mention his smooth voice over the beat, there is no way Tray cant top the competition. Although Tray can get rough around the edges and come out real hard. Self written lyrics, Ghostwriter, music director, Tray has it all going for him and what he's going for is number one, so the only thing to do is respect it.