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Traz Messiah

Newark, New Jersey, United States | INDIE

Newark, New Jersey, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative R&B




"Traz Messiah – “Shift Work” Review"

By Anthony Chatfield

It’s a fact. The world of hip-hop is finally evolving. It’s been innovating and developing all along, but so deep underground that the only coverage afforded was in seedy record stores in University districts across the nation. The internet, along with ample access to crying while eating videos and forum space to argue your point of view in Kirk Vs. Picard, has crafted a variety of new and inspiring musical acts that actually become popular, because people are able to hear them easily. You aren’t faced with the undesirable option of paying $20 for an album only one random guy who’s so pale you can see what he ate for lunch through his skin recommended in line at a seedy bar concert.
One of the most intriguing and enjoyable acts to come out of the Myspace wave of new music is Traz Messiah. His first album, ‘Shift Work”, due for release summer of 2009, is a brilliant mashup of Hip-Hop swagger and the stage presence of the indie generation.
The tracks themselves, are almost without exception potential singles, complete with hook, chorus, and the musically curiosity of Sting. On “Home” you’ll here a combination of acoustic and electric guitars, a smooth synth enhancement in the back, and chorus backing up Traz’s lament for his home town Newark.
They don’t stop there, constantly searching and poking at different stylistic elements, testing the heavier guitar riffs and even penning a poppy ode to his 15 minutes of fame in ‘Fabulous Life”.
Every track on this album builds upon the previous tracks, taking a cozy, warm journey through Traz’s life as he sings about the struggles of the common man.
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"Traz Messiah Single Review"

Hailing from Newark, NJ, Traz Messiah has burst into a solo career after a 4 year run with Alternative Rock Band, One Day Left. He is currently on tour in the East Coast in support of his new solo LP, “Shift Work”. This single is taken from the aforementioned album, due out in mid June, 2009.

Whilst it is said a book should not be judged by its cover, Traz Messiah is far more than just a cool artist name. Thankfully, his music is more inspiring. “Home”, mixes a mid-tempo groove with a slick acoustic melody that it's impossible not to get hooked in by. The singing is passionate and moving. Imagine a 2009 urban version of Motley Crue’s “Home Sweet Home”. Classic stuff.

Alex Lai
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"Rock3 Music"

When I first popped in the CD, Shift Work, from Traz Messiah, I immediately new I was listening to something special. The first song on the EP, "Fabulous Life" sounds poppy and edgy all at once. It is a bona fide hit and deserves nationwide attention. Once I got to "On These Shoulders", the true sound of Traz Messiah was exposed. He defies classification. He has takes Country, Hip Hop, Pop and Rock and, seemlessly, bends them to his will. This EP was made to appeal to the masses without trying too hard.

Any music fan would be pleased with Shift Work, especially those into Everlast, Kid Rock, Oukast, and even acts like Ben Harper and Jack Johnson. Traz Messiah fits well into their genres and will shatter the ground beneath your ears.
- Brian Champion


-One Day Left, The EP (with One Day Left)
-These Are My Roots (Mix tape)
-Shift Work (Solo EP)



When it comes to music, Traz has always has been gifted. From his earliest days as a child in Newark, NJ, he displayed a natural ability to both absorb and create music. Although Traz was an inner-city child growing up in the 80's/90’s during Hip-Hop's infancy, he was not immediately exposed to it the way many of his neighborhood friends and class mates were. Aside from Hip-Hop and R&B, Traz spent a lot of that time in the house listening to everything from Sam Cooke to Kenny Rodgers, Michael Jackson to Bruce Springsteen or Funkadelic to Guns & Roses.

Over the years, Traz spent all his free time attempting to become the ultimate "artist", always feeling, however, that there were talents within him that might allow him to speak not only to those who loved R&B, but also to those who would never think of listening to an R&B song. He began experimenting with a fusion of R&B and rock music that eventually led him to meet a hardcore trio from the Bronx known, at the time as "10 K Spike". Within a year of their initial meeting, they would form a Rock band known as "One Day Left".

After three years of recording and gigging, One Day Left signed a major recording contract with Atlantic Records in 2008. As a result of various record label politics, One Day Left disbanded. Since leaving the band, Traz took time to do some soul searching and discovered his true purpose for creating music: To articulate the joy, pain, and everything in between that everyday people go through in their pursuit of The American Dream.

As a solo artist, Traz has embraced his talent as a singer/songwriter and developed a sound called “Future Music” that seamlessly blends Rock, Pop and R&B. His new project has started a new movement that fans have been buzzing about. Currently, Traz and his band “The Formula” are performing all over the east coast to promote his new EP, “Shift Work”, on Novakain Entertainment/Future Music Records, available worldwide on Itunes and