Traz Messiah

Traz Messiah

 Newark, New Jersey, USA

Traz is the future of music. The perfect blend of Pop, Rock and R&B packaged in the new millenium artist. From the recording studio to the stage, the masses get a real artist whose story they can truly relate to.


When it comes to music, Traz has always has been gifted. From his earliest days as a child in Newark, NJ, he displayed a natural ability to both absorb and create music. Although Traz was an inner-city child growing up in the 80's/90’s during Hip-Hop's infancy, he was not immediately exposed to it the way many of his neighborhood friends and class mates were. Aside from Hip-Hop and R&B, Traz spent a lot of that time in the house listening to everything from Sam Cooke to Kenny Rodgers, Michael Jackson to Bruce Springsteen or Funkadelic to Guns & Roses.

Over the years, Traz spent all his free time attempting to become the ultimate "artist", always feeling, however, that there were talents within him that might allow him to speak not only to those who loved R&B, but also to those who would never think of listening to an R&B song. He began experimenting with a fusion of R&B and rock music that eventually led him to meet a hardcore trio from the Bronx known, at the time as "10 K Spike". Within a year of their initial meeting, they would form a Rock band known as "One Day Left".

After three years of recording and gigging, One Day Left signed a major recording contract with Atlantic Records in 2008. As a result of various record label politics, One Day Left disbanded. Since leaving the band, Traz took time to do some soul searching and discovered his true purpose for creating music: To articulate the joy, pain, and everything in between that everyday people go through in their pursuit of The American Dream.

As a solo artist, Traz has embraced his talent as a singer/songwriter and developed a sound called “Future Music” that seamlessly blends Rock, Pop and R&B. His new project has started a new movement that fans have been buzzing about. Currently, Traz and his band “The Formula” are performing all over the east coast to promote his new EP, “Shift Work”, on Novakain Entertainment/Future Music Records, available worldwide on Itunes and


On These Shoulders

Written By: Paul Freeman

When I was a young boy,
My parents use to work a lot.
Kept a roof over my head fresh food was in the pot.
Now that I'm older I understand
Just where they've been.
Sometimes you've got to lose,
In order to win.

On the shoulders,
The fate of my future resides,
But I'm a soldier,
All I know how to do is survive.
Don't bet against me.
Cause I always beat the odds.
Don't get it confused,
I'm probably just like you.
Except one day I was able to
Break through.

Verse 2:
Thought I had a lot of time
To get where I was going.
Living today with no opportunity
Of ever knowing
If I lay down tonight
Tomorrow my eyes might not open.
Makes me cherish everyday I breathe
Ya see life is golden



It's something deep down inside.
If I don't win, it won't be
Because I ain't try.
All I can do is give it everything I got.
Mind, body, & soul
Till the day I stop
If all else should fail.
You can put the world...............


Wonder Years

Written By: Paul Freeman

Verse 1:
She thinks everything should go her way.
Graduated high school the other day.
Already feels like a woman who got it made. Tired of jersey bound for L.A.

After 12 days, reality bites.
She can't get an audition to save her life.
Takes a job at the 101 Diner waiting tables thinking someone will find her.

It ain't easy as it looks on TV.
She ain't the only one tring to be seen.
And with all things considered,
This kitten don't stand out much from the rest of the litter.

Whatever happened to her hitting the Big Screen.
She's on the casting couch reading love scenes.
Thinking she gonna get where she's going faster
Patience something she never mastered.

The Wonder Years are gone.
Now you're all on your own.
You decide what happens from here.
You can shut down now,
Or maybe you can do better.

Won't be long, before daylight comes.
Even though sometimes rain will fall
Remember, things will get better.

Verse 2:
Fast forward five years later
She stuck it out and now she getting
Real live paper, deluxe apartment in a sky scraper. Went from not really having much being major

What it took for her to get here.
All the sacrificing, blood sweat and tears.
Not long ago the end seemed near.
One more set back she just couldn't bear.

It wasn't easy as it looks on TV.
She wasn't the only one trying to be seen.
But with all things considered,
Today hollywood will do almost anything to get her.

Should have seen her debut on the big screen.
Proof why you can't give up on your dreams.
She kept her eyes on the prize she was always after.
Patience......something she finally mastered.



-One Day Left, The EP (with One Day Left)
-These Are My Roots (Mix tape)
-Shift Work (Solo EP)

Set List

Set list: Fabulous Life, Wonder Years, Home, On These Shoulders, Ain't Nothing Garuanteed and A Better Ending.
One set, 30 minutes.
Covers:Paul Simon's "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover"