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"Tre9 Questions “Yes we Can” on politics on Beat Lab 7 Feature"

"Obama Wins!" "Things are Changing!" "Yes, We Can!" / But in God I put my trust,
and not man / Gonna hold onto my God's unchanging hand / As he, as he
leads me along" – "Yes We Can" (Tre9)

While the nation is justifiably excited about the inauguration of the first African-American President of the United States, gospel rapper Tre9 cautions that Barack Obama is simply a man – not a Messiah.

In "Yes We Can," a song recorded exclusively for the Beat Lab 7's free, downloadable "Music Meets the Truth 2009" album, Bobby "Tre9" Herring presents an argument for limited support of elected officials.

"We have to remember politicians are men who fall short of God's glory, just like everyone else. And far too often, their words don't match their actions, and our expectations go unfulfilled," Herring said.

"It's especially important that Christian voters and politicians hold themselves to higher standards and value their heavenly citizenship over their national one."

And despite the title chant and "Abomination, disregard Obama-nation" line (a phrase he remembered from a photo of a protest sign at a gay-rights rally), Tre9 says this is not an anti-Barack track or partisan in any way. It's simply a Christian song about modern government in the vein of Derek Webb's "A Savior On Capitol Hill."

"It's definitely more political than anything I've ever put on wax," Tre9 said. "But it's an honest expression of thoughts and feelings that have been marinating inside of me for several years. I hope people can really see where I'm coming from on this."

Tre9's next album, "The Farmer," is being distributed by Infinity/Central South and hits stores on March 31, 2009.

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To listen to Yes We Can, download your FREE copy of Beat Lab 7's "Music Meets The Truth 2009" visit - Tre9


The Farmer- 2009
Marooned- 2002
Thy Will Be Done- 1999
Thy Kingdom Come- 1998



It’s people like Tre9 that helped earn Houston the nickname of “Hustle-Town, Texas.”

Young and focused, he started Much Luvv Records in 1998. His mission has always been to make Christian hip-hop music popular to change lives for Christ around the globe.

With three solo albums, one group album, and seven additional titles from Much Luvv artists Mark J, Enock, CY, ColCutz, & S.O.M., Tre9 has been acting on his dream.

For over 10 years, the entrepreneur has been a small business owner which has given him the freedom to excel in his craft as a hip-hop artist. It has also provided an avenue for him to invest in other business and ministry endeavors. His multi-media business,

4930 Studios, offers audio production, video production, graphic design, and printing services that raise the standards of excellence throughout the industry.

All Eyes On Me Inc. is a non-profit organization he founded which is committed to creating a positive environment using biblical principles and standards, to shape youth culture, for life long success and stability in the world. It serves the Houston community with an entertainment mentorship program for at-risk youth, a “Youth Are Listening” campaign aimed to monitor and ban songs that are too explicit for children, as well as organizing youth events. For the past eight years, Tre9 has spearheaded the All Eyes On Me Achievement Awards (formerly known as THHHAA); a ceremony with over 800 attendees that honors over 30 artists, retailers, media companies, and ministries supporting Christian hip-hop music. And with All Eyes On Me TV, Tre9 aims to expose the optimistic side of urban culture that visual media outlets often ignore.

In addition to these creative avenues of exposure, Tre9 co-owns a community mega-site located at, which provides an online presence for his music genre.

It’s just another way Tre9 is paving the way for himself and others to succeed.

In the community, Tre9 co-founded URGEWORKS; an organization that brings uplifting messages through hip-hop performance arts to schools, churches, juvenile correctional facilities, and community centers. The organization promotes positive character development and aims to instill self-confidence to their audiences.

His third album, “The Farmer,” puts Tre9 in the role of a modern day “Johnny Appleseed” by mixing agricultural imagery and metaphors with Southern style rap.

The music is laced with heavy bass rhythms and kick drums, mixed with Tre's clear and precise message. Tre stays true to himself & God, but keeps his lyrics relatable to both Christian and non-Christian listeners alike. The album features Pettidee, Lil Raskull, Shei Atkins, B.B. Jay, Lil Keke, Big Pokey & a host of others to add to it’s overall appeal.

Tre9 is performing & speaking in schools, churches, prisons, community centers & other venues in the United States year-round. After a missionary trip to Rotherham, England in 2007, he was touched by the need to carry his message beyond the borders of his homeland. Tre9 answered his calling to international missions, thus spreading his inspirational poetry and culture in Mexico, Brazil, Switzerland, and a return visit to the U.K. No matter where he goes, the “Farmer” will be dropping hip-hop seeds of hope with an expectant vision of the harvest sure to come.

For fans of:

Secular artists: Paul Wall, Lil Keke, T.I., Bubba Sparks, Timbaland & Eminem.

Christian artists: Lacrae, Tedashii, Trip Lee & KJ 52.

Music Career Highlights

- 1999-2001 Released two solo albums "Thy Will Be Done" & "Marooned."

- 2002 Holy Hip Hop Award Honoree (Atlanta, GA).

- 2003 THHHAA Certificate of Recognition by U.S. House of Representatives.

- 2002-2006 Multiple Holy Hip Hop Achievement Award Winner (Houston, TX).

- 2007 Real Talk Ministries Holy Hip Hop for Hunger "Hunger for More" Award.

- 2007-2008 Multiple All Eyes On Me Achievement Award Winner (Houston, TX).

- 2007 Written and performed on the upcoming release of Bushwick Bill's Testimony of Redemption, gospel album.

- 2008 Real Talk Ministries Holy Hip Hop for Hunger "Video of the Year" Award.

- 2002-2008 Label Released Five Christian Rap Artists & Seven Albums.

- 2008 Ordained to be a Minister by Copperfield Church.

- 2008 Launched, the largest Christian hip hop online community site.

Marketing Highlights

- Texas Much Luvv tour scheduled for 1st Quarter 2009 (15 cities / 30 shows).

- National radio servicing campaign to all stations playing gospel rap.

- Local radio servicing campaign to Texas mainstream hip hop stations.

- National print media advertisements in SOUL Mag, U-Zone & Tha Message Mag.

- Featured artist on The Much Luvv Fam's The Next…Now, Syntax's Night Owls 3 & Bushwick Bill's Testimony of Redemption albums.

- National internet campaign servicing all major Christian mu