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Album-Thy Will Be done, Album-Marooned, and soon to be released, Album- The Farmer.


Feeling a bit camera shy


The hardest working man in Houston, TX is a reputation that Bobby Herring is well deserving of. It is no secret that this native Houstonian, known as Tre9, has been laboring to take holy hip hop music to the masses. He started Much Luvv Records in 1998, with expectations to make holy hip hop music popular in the world in order to better the lives of people. With two releases of his own and four new artists signed to his label, Bobby Herring has been acting on the vision. He uses his business savvy, that he acquired through his building maintenance company, the Cleaning Critters, founded in 1995. After years of running his company, which grossed over a million dollars to date, Bobby is no fool when it comes to handling his business. Now he is faced with a much more challenging task, getting others to believe in a music genre that does not get the exposure of its secular counterparts.

Bobby Herring, a determined leader, displayed to Houston just what servant hood was all about on June 1st, 2002. He put together the Houston Holy Hip Hop Achievement Awards which honored over 30 artists, retailers, media, and businesses who paved the way for Houston Holy Hip Hop, as well as those who are raising the standard today. He let Houston know that if things were going to improve for this music genre, then they would have to work together to make it happen. In August 2002, he called together Houstons elite to organize the Houston Holy Hip Hop Alliance or HHHHA for short. HHHHA is an association of Christian music industry artists, businesses, and ministries bringing their crafts together in order to develop the Holy Hip Hop music genre. Although Tre started with home, he has full intentions to teach other cities how to structure an alliance in their city, thus growing the entire music genre. Tre9 is being recognized across the United States for his efforts. In January of 2002, he was honored at the Holy Hip Music Awards held annually in Atlanta, Georgia. He also sat as a panel guest at the Holy Hip Hop Summit this past November in Tampa, Florida and in Oakland, CA at the Bridging the Gap Conference in June 2003.

In 2002, he toured through Rap Fest in New York, Flavor Fest in Florida, IOSF in New Hampshire, Ohio, and other parts of the U.S. When hes not on the road, hes running a hip hop venue called, The Much Luvv Shack. Tre has booked groups such as LA Symphony, KRS-ONE, Mars Ill, Pigeon John, Deep Space Five and Ill Harmonics at the ML Shack in order to expose other hip hop artists to the nations fourth largest city.

After releasing his sophomore CD entitled, "Marooned", critics were raving about Tre9's production and artistry. CCMs largest teen magazine, "Guideposts for Teens", gave Marooned the best possible rating (four ears) that a CD could possibly get. Heavens Metal magazine said "You could throw this album on to Christian or unsaved, a difficult trick to pull off." Although Tre9 is very proud of the Marooned CD success, he felt he could do better.

In an effort to make his third album even better, Tre9 took his time, mastered his craft, practiced his delivery, and hired the best producers in Houston that he could find. Thus, bringing you his best effort yet, "The Farmer". The music production by Big Toe, Stikk, Luke Austin and newcomer Shadow is highly qualitative and original. The Farmer is not full of your typical southern gangsta grooves and baller themes. Tre9 has always been an emcee who speaks on issues that you normally wouldnt hear from others. He has you on the edge of your seat wondering what he will say next. He challenges your beliefs and provokes you to think, instead of just saying what is tingling to the ears. Tre has created a unique way to reach the lost through his songs, yet not compromising Christian principles. This won't be your typical "Christian Rap" album, although the content is undeniably coming from the heart of a Christian man.

Tre is definitely a revolutionary that aims to change the way Christianity is viewed by the world, in order to bring as many into the Kingdom. All in all, Tre is growing and always improving in his field, this can clearly be heard from "The Farmer". As Tre plants seeds in the world, you can expect fruit to come forth. He is a man who stays persistent at what he does, and lets God do the things he cant.