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"WIREIMAGE RED CARPET(cee-Lo Green Does Le Cirque Fantastique to Launch His New Label, Radiculture)" -

"WIREIMAGE RED CARPET(2007 NBA All-Star in Las Vegas)" -

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Myspace Artist Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
Residing: Atlanta
Member since: Jan 07
Hot Joint on myspace: Get Cha Money
Myspace Page:
Dream Collabo: Jay Z or Lil Wayne
Fave Movie: Menace to Society
Best Album from 2006: Kingdom Come
Most anticipated album for 2007: Mine (laughing.)

Prediction: With the attitude and business ethic Tre Ace exudes, it is only a matter of time before this versatile rhymester is picked up and securely situated at a major label.

Where does the Ace come from in your name?
I used to ball back in High School, I was the point guard which is number one and I feel like I am going to be number one, so that is where that comes in.

Do you still play ball now?
Nah, recreational I try, but I still got game though.

You are based out of ATL but you aren’t originally from there are you?
I am from Cleveland Ohio and I moved down to Atlanta six years ago to go to school and I didn’t realize I was going to be doing music.

How did you get into the music game?
I was dealing with this girl and she was writing R&B and she put me on the game and I just started writing and the first song I wrote which was an R&B joint and it turned out pretty hot I had never been in the studio until I did those songs and then I was in there rapping one day and people were like ‘this might be something you might want to look into,’ and it has pretty much been on blast ever since. I still write the R&B as well as rap though.

You have been featured on soundtracks how did you make that happen when you aren’t signed? The ATL DVD, the bonus CD, Warner bought about ten songs from me for the bonus CD. That came about through hustle for real, I got into the Warner Bros screening party down in Atlanta, so I met the right people and maintained contact with them and they liked it and they had this idea and they wanted to keep me for it.
In terms of you getting a deal, how is that going?
I have a few people looking at me, you know a few major labels.

How important has been as a promotional tool?
I love (laughing). From me meeting my stylist, Leisa, that I have and how she believed in me enough to keep me on board, to getting my music out there and you can reach so many people on the internet that you can’t meet on the streets. I can go move CDs in Atlanta but at the end of the day I can only sell to Atlanta. On myspace, you can friend request everybody and then they come and see your page and therefore become familiar with your name. It allows you to promote all over in a little amount of time.

How did the whole thing come about with your stylist, as she has a serious reputation in the industry and has worked with some serious names?
It was a blessing and to be honest I can’t remember if I hit up her page or she contacted me through someone else. I didn’t realize she was a stylist and from there we just linked up and she has always been there from that day and I would say that that might be one of the biggest things that has come out of myspace for me.

Have you ever had any bad experiences because of myspace?
Basically the page you see now is my new page which I just started up about three weeks ago. It is getting a lot of traffic now but the reason I have a new page is because I changed management, based on different situations I had to change management, my manager was a little bitter about the situation and she hacked into my myspace page and put up all this stuff. It was all good they got it removed over a period of time. That has only been the bad experience I have had though.

You have a publicist and you have a stylist as well as management. Many unsigned artists don’t even have a manager, obviously you believe in yourself and they believe in you?
I think that is the biggest thing, having people believe in you. I think it is more about personality, you know you have to be likeable for people to want to work with you and you have to be good and I think with those two characteristics, that is what is helping people see my vision and be able to go with it.

What is going on with you right now?
I am just in the studio recording all the time. I plan on putting out a mixtape in March and I have a lot of up and coming shows coming up. You know we have all star weekend coming up and I have a show in Cleveland so I am going back for the first time in a while to do a show. I have just got off being on tour with Freeway.

You mention going home to Cleveland, how do you represent yourself, as an ATL artist or as an Ohio artist?
Right now I would say, I represent where I am at. So as of right now I would say I am an Atlanta artist, but I don’t want to be considered an Atlanta artist as I feel I am versatile. You know when you hear my music, as there are certain people you will hear that you will think of as a down south artist, or that is a west artist, -

"Calm Before the Storm Rolling Out Magazine"

Recording Artist
Tre Ace is one laid-back cat. He seems to already be sure of who he is, and for a guy on the cusp of stardom in his early 20s, that’s saying something. Originally from Cleveland, Ace has been pounding the pavement in Atlanta since 2000, making his name and face known on the Southern hip-hop scene. “I [have] been rapping for about three years,” he says, before adding with a grin, “I don’t even know how I fell into music, it fell into me.” Don’t confuse that easygoing confidence with nonchalance, Tre Ace is an intensely driven young man. Ace (born Edsel Alexander III) wants nothing more than his own piece of the pie, and no obstacle will keep him from it.
Ace is determined to let his audience “hear it like he hears it,” and has already taken the necessary first steps on the road to greatness. Ironically, he not only spits rhymes, but has written some R&B tunes as well. “I’ve written R&B,” he says. “But I’m hip-hop all the way. I like to tell stories.” His flow is both melodic and clever, making his sound accessible to a wide variety of fans. That could be the secret to Ace’s success. Not that he really needs a secret weapon; he’s got the mic skills and charisma of some of today’s biggest and boldest wordsmiths, which makes him a force to be reckoned with.
Buzz is already building across the city. Ace has released the single “Get Ya Money” from the film ATL, and he’s recording a song for the upcoming Grinch 2 soundtrack. He’s making sure Atlanta — and the world — remembers his name. “This is like my second home,” he says. From the love he gets, it looks like the feeling is mutual. –dusty culpepper - Rolling Out Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.




“Hear It Like I hear It”

Awesome talent, Attitude of a winner, and always on Another level; are three A's that explain the three ways Tre-Ace is bound to become a household name. This, 20 year-old Cleveland, Ohio native, who now calls the musical hotspot ATL home, isn't just another rapper but a true artist with international appeal. Crossing over multiple genres are a sure fire way to make a statement. Combining the hard knocks of the Midwest with the club banging hits of the South, this mellow-toned rapper adds his own swagger to the mix to create a new and unique sound. Tre-Ace is sure to anchor himself into modern day pop culture by seamlessly infusing the sound of 80's Pop with a twist of new age urban sound. Think the swagger of Jay-Z with the electricity of the Black Eyed Peas mixed with infectious hooks, witty delivery and an innate sense of personal style.

Tre, as he is known began his career as an entertainer in a very distinctive place that is notorious for holding its own audiences captivated every week, the Baptist church. Not only playing the drums for church choir, but also being a star basketball player, Tre thrived on being in the spotlight and in front of an audience. "I just loved the feeling I got when I performed.” he remembers.

Tre-Ace soon began to focus that love of the lime light into one outlet, music. While encompassing the unique talents and skills to both write and perform R&B and rap, growing up in the "hip-hop 80's", Tre soon found his love in the rhythms and rhymes of rap music. Musically, he is influenced by legend rapper Slick Rick, Jay-Z, Tupac Shakur, and Biggie.

At a time when so many "cookie cutter" artists are flying off the music conveyor belt in dozens, Tre-Ace is that rare but fine cuisine that soon becomes a "required taste" leaving you wanting more. More is exactly what thousands of Hip Hop fans recently got a taste of when Tre-Ace opened for Philly based rapper Freeway on his 2006 Thanksgiving Tour, followed shortly by an amazing performance in Las Vegas for the star-studded 2007 NBA All-Star weekend. When not on stage you can find Tre-Ace constantly in the lab working and collaborating with international superstar Akon, Ray L. of Konvict Music, famed producer Arnold Hennings, and who some called “The producers producer” Jim Johnson, who also produced the mega-hit "Unpredictable" by Jamie Fox featuring Ludacris to name a few.

Tre-Ace was also able to finesse his way to Warner Bros. Execs to lend his signature style to the ATL movie DVD Release in 2006… While there was no soundtrack for the "real-life" motion picture ATL, starring Atlanta's own T.I. and Big Boi of Outkast, Tre-Ace was chosen to record tracks which was featured on a bonus CD . Tre-Ace has also been featured in Crunk Magazine,,, Rap Fanatic and

In 2008 Tre Ace found his way to Tree Sound Studios where he met James "Groove" Chambers (producer of Nappy Roots "Aw Naw" and Lil Mama "Lip Gloss"). The Chemistry musically between the two was instant. Since Tre Ace and Groove have been working on songs and waiting for the right situation.

This young rap phenom in the words of fellow ATL rapper Young Jeezy is definitely a "Go-Getter" and when the heat hits the streets, don't be the last to go get it. With his versatility, duality, and melodic style, Tre-Ace is bound for greatness and we all will be able to "hear it like he hears it”. His first single “On My Hustled” due out summer 2009…For more info visit Tre-Ace online at: