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Treasure is a gospel hip-hop artist, producer/writer whose lyrics are created with a strong and uncompromising approach. His delivery is that of a well-taught believer who is spiritually seasoned and gracefully blessed.


Treasure, born Anthony Walker, was raised in Brooklyn, New York. Academically a good student, the potential for Anthony to do great was averted by life on the streets. The allure of fast money, material excess, and getting high, proved to be a temptation to great to resist. Eventually, the fast life caught up with him. With multiple arrests, Anthony found himself in jail: the place where God chose to get his attention.

One day, after returning to his cell from a court appearance, Anthony found a Bible with an inscription that read, “Love Ant.” Since it was the only book in his possession and he had not heard the Gospel before, Anthony read the Bible attentively and with resolve. Believing every word he read, he received Jesus as his Lord and personal Savior. The new life in Christ experience was the best thing that ever happened to Anthony however, without a church home and others to relate to spiritually, he backslid a year later.

Although Anthony abandoned the Christian lifestyle for a time, he never strayed from his love for music--especially rapping. With a unique style and experience performing, Anthony set out on a mission to establish a successful career as a rap artist.

In 1994, Anthony and then girlfriend, Cynthia decided to relocate to Atlanta, GA. Moving to Atlanta was a major step for the couple. They had dreams but no wisdom or direction as to how to make their dreams a reality.

Soon after, Anthony rededicated his life to Christ and is using the passion he has for music to minister Bible truths to the world. He and Cynthia reside in Jonesboro, GA. They have been married for ten years and have two beautiful children.

Anthony began rapping and playing the drums at the age of 12. As a self-taught producer, Anthony started making tracks in 1990. He was also a member of a few rap groups in Brooklyn, NY to include "Divine Sounds".

The desire to minister God's word through music is what Anthony lives to do. His mission is to "lift up the name of Jesus so that all men may be drawn unto Him". He has appeared at the Apollo Theater, Brooklyn Armory, Kennesaw State College, Georgia Tech, and during Cru-Vention in Orlando, Florida.


Treasure currently has an album entitled "Rhythms Of The Cross" available online at

With songs as "The Altar", "Better Love", "Way Out", and "87", Treasure will take you from the streets to heaven!

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