Treble Clef Palette

Treble Clef Palette


Soulful funk meets experimental musicianship to create a palette of rich textures and sonic goodness!!


For the past decade, members of Treble Clef Palette have backed up and played with artists of the likes of Grammy Award winner Poncho Sanchez, Martha and The Vandellas, Mike Gordon, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Ernie Isley, Col. Bruce Hampton, Big Bad Voodoo Daddies and Peter Mayor to name just a few. Combining a refined level of musicianship with an extensive stylistic vocabulary, Treble Clef Palette delivers a powerhouse of funk/soul improvisation reminiscent of Herbie Hancock and The Headhunters, Miles Davis, Tower of Power, The Brecker Brothers and Fela Kuti.

Based in Saint Louis, the group consists of some of the city’s top players:
• Donnie Inman (bass)
• Dawn Weber (trumpet and vocals)
• Mark Youngbauer (guitar)
• Charlie Brown (keyboards and organ)
• Matt McKeever (saxophone)
• Mark Thomas (drums and percussion)

It is with respect and humbleness that Treble Clef Palette represents the rich musical heritage of Saint Louis and its diverse family of artists.


Slip Away
The Spocker
Keever's Blues
Andy's JBizzel
We Will Fly
Moving Along
That Song that Sounds Like Supertramp
The Money Shot
Afro-Beat Sunrise
What was the Real Reason You Didn't Buy Today

Set List

We are an original band who also covers old school funk, jazz and soul-fusion artists

1. Meterpede
2. Tanked
3. Slip Away
4. We Will Fly
5. Keever's Blues
6. Andy's JBizzel
7. The Spocker
8. The Money Shot
9. Afro-Beat Sunrise
10. That Song that Sounds Like Supertramp

1. Hang up your Hang ups
2. Doin something
3. Cannonball
4. Uncle Junior
5. Kicken up Dust
6. So Jah She
7. Stoked on Rasaki
8. The Shadow
9. Drunken Master
10. The Chicken
11. Chicken Strut
12. Sidewinder
13. Hot Dog
14. Sprung Monkey
15. Crazy Race
16. Rewind That
17. Cash's Dream
18. Shu Bada Du
19. Doin the Dirt
20. Cold Duck Time
21. Freedom Jazz Dance
22. We Will Fly
23. Tube
24. Fat Momma
25. So much oil in the ground
26. *Soul Vaccination
27. Hot and Tot
28. Jan Jan
29. Paquito tune
30. Wh