Treblehook is a straight up solid rock band. Influenced by led zeppelin, deep purple and rainbow just to name a few. We have a great energetic stage show and we are all talented musicians.


Iowa TrebleHook Brainchild of Vocalist Matthew Biegger of RBN, Joel Ekman of Stone Sour, and Jarod Embree of RBN We have set out to bring rock back to it's glory days. Stadiums. Lawn Chairs. Bong Water. Jack Daniels, Budweiser, Halter Tops. Bell Bottoms. Bikers. Tattoos. Heartbreakers. Whores. Monte Carlos. Although Des Moines has been perceived as a bastion of all that is heavy, dark, and pissed off, the truth is world community, there are many more facets to choose from in this insurance capital of the US. We prefer to focus on the fun side of life. After all, there is positivity in the world. The recently released self produced "8 sentimental favorites of Love and Betrayal: Volume 1" is a collection of sure fire rock classics. Now available at all Treblehook shows and soon to be available online. So fire up a doobie, push play, and enjoy. Remember what the wise man said- "You worry too much, you make yourself sad, you can't change fate, but don't feel so bad, enjoy it while you can, it's just like the weather, so quit complainin brother NO ONE LIVES FOREVER!!


8 Sentimental Favorites About Love and Betrayal Volume. 1

Set List

We generally dont do covers but thats not to say that we wouldnt. We fill a 45 min to 1 hour set pretty easily. Currently were working on new songs, so our setlist is everchanging.