Trebuchet are a 5 piece female-fronted Alternative-Metal act hailing from Sydney, Australia. We have self recorded an album, writing our second album, and filming a dvd. Our focus is our live performances. Find us at


Trebuchet (p. Treb-you-shay) started off as a little project in Moff's basement, with Josh on drums and Moff on guitar, playing punk music under the guise of Substance Zero. This name was promptly
f%&@ed off as it implied that as a band, there was no substance to our music. Further, the title of our fan base - Zero Support, kinda contradicted itself.

Soon thereafter, Picky joined the band as a second guitarist, and a few months after that, Jimbo, on bass.
From there the band went onto recording it's first album "Read My Spine" and performed that throughout 2007 with Moffo singing.

Come mid '07 and it was time for a line-up change, when Moff decided to dedicate himself to guitaring full time, and handed over the mic to Chaz where she took to the stage at our final gig for the year opening for Italian pop jazz/folk group Arbe Garbe at the UNSW Roundhouse.

Since then Chaz, Moff, Picky, Josh and Jimbo have been working on the band's second album "The Harbinger of Things to Come", and a DVD of the band's young, but bizzare history.

Our influences are such bands as Avenged Sevenfold, Iron Maiden, and Paramore.

Our live show is our focus. We love to get the audience involved and they always reciprocate. We believe bigger is always better and that is always reflected in our stage set up. We've always gone that step further to deliver that little bit more for the fans. Be it videos on youtube or live recordings, free cd or merch handouts or just hanging with the fans after a show. Most importantly we've done it all on our own. We're never afraid to try something new.

Rock On!


Read My Spine - LP, Demo, 2006

Soul's Apology - Single, streaming,

Read My Spine Live - TB Released 2008

Harbingers of Things to Come -LP and DVD TB Released 2008

Set List

Intro (played over PA via iPod) - 4:20
There's Nothing -
The Knave
Misexistance - 5:00
Lawson Street
Buried Alive
Soul's Apology
Longest Walk
Drug Whore