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Denton, Texas, United States | INDIE

Denton, Texas, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Avant-garde




"Trebuchet Exposes Their Unusual Process..."

There's something bigger going on, and that's prog-influenced rock songs that really don't sound like shit-all else...and they perform 4 of them in the fifty-minute film... - Dallas Observer

"Film Delves into the DIY"

Local band presents its message of doing things for yourself. - Denton Record-Chronicle

"Denton's Trebuchet fuels its rock with multigenre sensibility"

"Said A to B positions Trebuchet as one of the most sonically panoramic rock bands in the local music scene." - Dallas Morning News

"Nx35 Review: Trebuchet"

"Trebuchet is an anomaly in the vanilla-indie Denton scene: guitar-driven hard rock with plenty of raw emotion. Alternating seamlessly between heavy, pounding Orange Amp distortion and jazz-esque time changes and key changes..." - Todd Maternowski - Pegasus News

"Trebuchet/The Phuss Split EP"

"Trebuchet, meanwhile, sound like what would happen if the Toadies dropped acid, listened to a bunch of Tool and sat down to record an album. They effectively sharpen the ragged edges of the grunge sound with interestingly layered guitars that smack of prog influence." - Laura Mann - Dallas Observer

"A Fling With Darkness"

"Anger in its twilight, as if Josh T. Pearson crashed in the Toadies' house and found a secret stash of the Carpenters and John Lee Hooker in the attic." - Lucinda Breeding - Denton Record-Chronicle

"Lofty Sounds"

"Trebuchet album weaves orchestral maneuvers with hard rock cred" - Lucinda Breeding - Denton Record-Chronicle

"DC9 at Night: Bonus MP3: Trebuchet - "Black Beard" by Darryl Smyers"

The Denton music scene certainly has its share of indie rock darlings, but not many would expect a prog metal band like Trebuchet to hail from the northern reaches of the Metroplex. Yet hail this quintet does--and best of all, they're actually pretty good.

And, this Friday at Hailey's, Trebuchet--named after an early version of the catapult used back in the Middle Ages to throw stones at castle walls--will hold a CD release party for its debut effort, The Bear and The Moon. Then the band heads down to Austin for a couple of shows before returning to the area for a gig at the Curtain Club on April 4.

Take a listen to "Black Beard," the opening salvo from the band's 21-track, two-disc debut.

Bonus MP3: Trebuchet -- "Black Beard"

The cut has a little bit of a strip club vibe to it. And, actually, that's high praise in the world of metal. Vocalist/guitarist Justin Hawkins certainly has the prerequisite frontman angst, too, and the production on the disc is first rate.

Perhaps Trebuchet can become part of a thriving area metal scene. Who knows? Any band that has the balls to put out a double CD debut in this economy is all right by me. - Dallas Observer

"My Denton Music Spotlight - Trebuchet by Josh Hogan"

They have been called everything from prog-metal to post modern rock and roll, and this five-piece band from Denton loves every bit of it. The truth is that Trebuchet defies most standard classifications so don't try to squeeze them into a single type or genre, rather just listen to their debut album The Bear and The Moon and enjoy the tour of hard rock music that the band takes you on. It expands through two disks and nearly two hours and by the time it is over you will realize that Trebuchet is quite different from most other acts is DFW. Detectable is the band's eclectic taste in influences, which is put on display throughout the entire album. One major influence for this group has been the world immediately surrounding them in Denton.

Perhaps only in Denton can you find a metal band that is this hard rocking, that has this amount of Jazz influence incorporated into its sound. But an even more literal influence from the town can be heard on the second disk of the album, which should take no time at all to recognize if you have ever seen a show at Rubber Gloves before.

Trebuchet has created a reputation for themselves through incredible show after incredible live show, as one of the most entertaining groups in the area. And that is saying a lot in this town. But Trebuchet is not like most of the other artists in Denton. They have a sound that is unique to them alone and have staked out a corner of the local music scene and are keeping it for themselves. And as more time passes, and the hard work of the group starts to pay off, more and more people will be visiting that corner in the very near future.

Even the skeptics and traditionalists who may think that a metal-ish band can only thrive down in Dallas will take a second thought after hearing the many sided sound of Trebuchet. The more exposure this band gets, the sooner that fact will become more evident.

Look for Trebuchet to be playing shows all over the metroplex in the coming weeks and months before they get back into the studio to record their sophomore album, which they hope will be out by the end of 2009.


Said A to B (2012)
Trebuchet and The Phuss Split EP (2011)
Bear and the Moon (2 disc) (2009)



Trebuchet is a top-to-bottom, do-it-yourself, 5-piece Texas rock outfit comprised of music connoisseurs that are equal parts "sonic-perfectionist" and "humble-elitist". They combine experimentation in craft, conveyed feeling through tone, and a penchant for the audibly "interesting"; all the while taking the very best from their roots in classic rock, grunge, shoegaze, prog, jazz, and blues to push the boundaries of modern rock music composition and presentation. Indeed, as Josh Hogan from My Denton Music succinctly states, "They have been called everything from prog-metal to post modern rock and roll, and this five-piece band from Denton loves every bit of it. The truth is that Trebuchet defies most standard classifications so don't try to squeeze them into a single type or genre, rather just listen..."

Trebuchet also believes in and thrives on the energy and immediacy of the "live music" ethos. Afterall, each show IS its own event and will never happen again. So, why not exercise the ability to use multiple options over the cliche, cookie-cutter shit many rock bands call their set? "I’ve seen them enough to have an excellent idea of how the shows typically start," states Jordan Buford, the Music Enthusiast, "but I should’ve known better, because, like I’ve said before, part of why I love these guys' shows so much is that they are always different from each other."

Braving their "Spinal Tap" stage (3 lead singers, and 2 rhythm guitarists from 2004-2009), Trebuchet was able to record and distribute two DIY releases (2009's double-disc debut, "Bear and the Moon"; and 2011's EP "Trebuchet/The Phuss Split EP"), join Denton's Do For It Records, and are set to release their new album "Said A to B" in Dec. of 2012, and a DVD/Short-film, "4 Nights in December," (a retrospective on the recording of the new album) will world premiere at Thinline Film Festival in 2013. Stay tuned.