Tre Burt and a Big Gust of Wind
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Tre Burt and a Big Gust of Wind

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Help Send Tre Burt To SXSW!"

In the past few years there has been an outbreak of folk artists, and banjo sales have been growing almost exponentially because of this. In order to stand out from the crowd, an artist must be unique and have something that demands people to listen; Tre Burt definitely demands that you listen. This San Francisco-based solo artist is an up-and-coming folk singer/songwriter that’s sound encompasses so much more than only folk: with plinking piano keys, booming trombones, and hazy vocals that make the listener believe Burt was under a concrete tunnel. Burt pens lyrics that speak of loneliness, death, curiosity, and love but all of his songs are written in a way that makes the listener feel like they just stumbled upon his personal diary. Burt’s songs have a upbeat, almost pop, quality to them with banjos plunking away while there are a few songs that would fit comfortably inside the shoegaze genre with the calming vocals and soft strumming of his guitar.

Tre Burt is entered into a contest to play a Main Stage show at SXSW. The contest is based on the amount of ‘likes’ and Tweets plus the viewer’s votes on a specific video, with the highest rated video moving on to the next portion. All it takes is a few clicks and you, dear readers, are helping to support a dream of a musician. We at SSG Music thoroughly enjoy Tre Burt’s fresh music when we featured it last Fall, and hope you will too. If you would like to help support Tre Burt, please click on the link here! Voting is renewed every day and ends soon, so please return to the page to vote again; any and all help for an up-and-coming artist is always appreciated. - SSG Music, Lindsey Sculley

"[Video] Tre Burt - "When The Wind Is Here And The Night Is Still""

Not quite a video. More like an audition tape or a demo. Demo! That’s the word. Anyway, more like a demo tape, Tre Burt is a musician out of the Internet that sounds a lot like how Devandra Banhart used to sound or how Dev Hynes iteration Lightspeed Champion was sounding on his magnum freaking opus Falling Off The Lavender Bridge. Throw in a little bit of a one man sounding Fleet Fox and you’ve got Tre Burt. He wants to win some contest for SXSW or something and that’s cool but we just like really, really raw talent around here so we’ll present him as is. If you’d like to vote for the young artist you can go here and do so. No worries if you didn’t. No one’s looking. Still, a great song by a nice talent and we wish him the best. The best of the best. The very best! That sounded like an 80's song. - The Well Versed, Andre Grant

"Tre Burt and a Big Gust of Wind breaks into San Francisco music scene"

Deadlines and self-promotion may not be his strong suit, but acoustic crooner Tre Burt is networking his way to becoming a musical staple of San Francisco.

Burt, a self-taught multi-instrumentalist, has played on nearly every stage available at SF State, many others in the Bay Area and in his hometown of Sacramento. With a captivating voice on stage and a quiet demeanor in person, he is looking to expand his audience.

“I’m constantly kind of working on music,” he said. “Outside of school and performing music, I’m just kind of working on it and managing it in my head, making connections.”

Burt prefers to share new songs on his own through the internet and self-recorded videos, as he did March 25 with a song called “Silly Trouble.”

“I kind of like keeping to myself with my music until I feel ready, so self-promoting isn’t necessarily something I like doing,” he said. “I kind of have hazy feelings for it.”

But when a last-minute opportunity to play at the SXSW music festival in Texas arose, Burt took a step out of his comfort zone. Having missed the initial deadline to play in the festival, he entered a tournament-style contest to try to win a spot through talent discovery site

“It’s incredibly frustrating,” he said. “It’s very nerve-wracking. I really don’t like those things, because it involves a lot of self-promotion, and a lot of things can go wrong with that.”

He made it to the third round of the tournament, but was disqualified after the next song he entered into the competition’s website failed to upload.

Not one to dwell on a loss, Burt released a video for his song “A Shaken Snow Globe” at the same time that he announced his disqualification from the SXSW contest. It features Burt and his band, A Big Gust of Wind, and was shot by local director and cinematographer Brad Brok.

“It was shot at Fort Funston, in one of the barracks,” said Burt. “(Brok and I) started working together through a company called the Bay Area Native. And after that we kind of just stuck together and started working together on some more videos.”

Burt is currently working with Owl Paws frontman and SF State broadcast and electronic communication arts major student Derek Schultz to record his next demo, a five or six track work that Burt describes as having a different “flavor” from his previous recordings. He has hopes for a full-band album and more “strategically” planned shows in the city in the near future.

“It depends on what venue you play at first and how many times you play there, and how close is that venue to the next show you’re planning on playing,” he explained. “There are just some semantics about it all that you’ve got to pay attention to.”

Stephanie Escoto, assistant manager at The Depot, praised Burt’s talent and the simplicity of his sound.

“He’s great,” said Escoto. “He has a good blend of voice and acoustic guitar, and when he adds other instruments, it brings everything out.”

Even as part of the collective sound of Tre Burt and a Big Gust of Wind, guitarist Jordon Jo draws attention to the lyrical ground upon which their music is built.

“He’s very good-hearted,” said Jo. “For how young he is, he’s a very mature writer with a developed sound that’s earthy and genuine.”

Burt arrived at this sound through a transition of musical taste from hard core screamo, to Ace Enders of The Early November, to Paul Simon and Bob Dylan, and mixed in an interest with contemporary and ragtime jazz. His music tends to be autobiographical, but in an “abstract” sense.

“It’s about events I’ve gone through, but kind of in a more fictional format,” he explained.
Burt’s previous recordings, including his album “Little Mornings,” are available on his Bandcamp page for free. He prefers to not charge for his music.

“If I could have it my way, it would be completely free,” he said. “But at the same time, I need food. So I think I’m going to start charging for future albums. But as much as I can, I’ll put songs up for free.” - Golden Gate Express, Kirstie Haruta

"San Francisco Local – Introducing: Tre Burt"

When SSG Music readers care enough about DIY artists to share them with us, we’re very grateful. Special thanks to Courtney Lenae Dias for giving us a tip about San Francisco-based Tre Burt.

When it comes to singer/songwriters, there are too many to keep track of. Most have something special about them, so it takes a lot for the cream to rise to the top. Tre Burt is not only special, he is exquisite. Drawing influence from some of the great ’60s folk pioneers, he has a classic sound with just enough contemporary grit to grab the listener’s attention. His voice is magical, and there is something about him that is enigmatic enough that we decided to take a deeper look. Check out his most recent video release and download his album Little Mornings. for free. Below you’ll find and an interview with the man himself. - SSG Music, Nikki Benson

"Tre Burt and a Big Gust of Wind- Little Mornings"

Tre Burt and a Big Gust of Wind is to put it simply really quite amazing. It’s essentially a one man and a guitar act (bar a couple of tracks with banjo) as shown in the somewhat humourous artist name but this certainly doesn’t stop him from creating some of the most engaging music I’ve heard in quite a while now.

There’s a soothing quality to Little Mornings, something to listen to forget about the rain outside. This 13 track masterpiece certainly has a lot of potential for mainstream success but this is someone I can’t see selling out for a mobile phone company advert and even better, Little Mornings is currently available for free download from his bandcamp.
Towards the end of 2009, Tre Burt and a Big Gust of Wind also released the ‘Paraplui’ EP. I wish I’d discovered this gem earlier now because it also definitely deserved an IMF feature. Listen to and download Paraplui for free now on bandcamp. - Independent Music Finds, Charlie O'Shea


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