Tre Burt and a Big Gust of Wind

Tre Burt and a Big Gust of Wind


My band is a new addition to my music. They are, quite objectively, some of the best musicians in San Francisco with very conscious musical minds. I am prodominately, or have been, a solo artist. I describe the music I write as "Lucid-Folk". Strong emphasis on stories, guitar and vocal melodies.

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Train Song

Written By: Tre Burt

Tired was the day and tired were his feet
So he stepped on the train headed outbound, going east
It was the scenic route of course, he was a sucker for the trees
And when then engine started hollerin',
He nestled in his seat and off he went

Stared outside the window with his palm right on the glass
He could see in the reflection of a woman that is passing by
Oh how his eyes, they fixed on her

So he dreams of the moment whe she catches his gaze
But her nose is in a book and her eyes are on a page
So he coughs like a stranger whos in need of a friend
And he grabs her attention, so she fixes her hair
The tension is there
The tension is there

"Excuse me, is anyone sitting there?" He asks
With his hand behind his back
In a gentlemen's pose
with a grin below his nose
with his glasses askew
She says, "No sir, just you, just you"

"Why are you on the train?"
She says, "I'm runnin from the pain.
Everywhere I go I'm always up for the blame."
He says,"I know, we're just the same, you don't
have to explain."

He grabs her little fingers so the sympathy lingers
He says "Whoa, you're quite the singer"
"What do you mean, I can't carry a tune!"
"No, no its your heart, I can hear it in you!"

Oh, how the night falls like the landing of a crow
Oh, how the train begins to slow and slow and slow
Its the end of the line
Its the end of the line

So they stroll down the walkway with his hand on her waist
When they exit the train, they quicken the pace
Don't know where they're goin' but who gives a damn
To travel with confusion is to understand

Music From the House Next Door

Written By: Tre Burt

Waking up in the frost of the night time sky,
I follow the noise to the room downstairs
tip-toe so slowly on the face of the wooden floor,
Wouldn't want to risk waking my parents up
O, the room is blue and white
O, the colors of the night
I don't know why but the darkness does not scare me
I'm not sure why but the darkness does not scare me

Walking onward to the mass of the blackness
I knock over the vase on the tabletop
The shattered glass has decorated the ground
like a cluster of stars in a galaxy
O, here comes my mother
Picking me up,
Holding me tight

Tucking me back in my bed she asked me why I've gone astray
and I reply:

"I could've sworn I heard music from the house next door"