Kingston, Newfoundland and Labrador, CAN

Treebot is a performer/live looper who creates improvised soundscapes/ sonic journeys/ throbbing dance music/unusual covers using both acoustic and electronic instruments. The excitement of Treebot is that the music is improvised live and in the moment, and the goal is to move bodies, minds and souls.


Appearing on Earth with no knowledge of itself or where it came from, the Treebot knew only of it's purpose: To assume the appearance of the dominant life form and impart wisdom to the lower life forms through sound, music and emotion. Originally the Treebot assumed the form of humans, but then realized it's mistake when it observed humans worshipping a higher form: Screens. Whether it was for Televisions, computers, smartphones or flatscreens, humans gathered alone or in groups to worship and receive wisdom from these higher beings, sometimes for hours at a time. The Treebot corrected it's appearance and assembled a motley collection of machines for making sounds.  

The Treebot is wandering the earth searching for humans to move through music and sound. Sometimes it performs human songs, sometimes it performs with humans. Sometimes it performs it's own strange compositions and other times it simply improvises and creates sonic beauty for humans right there on the spot.