Tree by Leaf

Tree by Leaf


Tree by Leaf is an enthusiastic ensemble with disparate gifts - pretty voices, virtuosic musicianship, insightful lyrics, and a melodic talent. They combine these elements into something near to alchemy and bring forth music quite extraordinary.


Tree by Leaf is the unique synergy and musicianship of Garrett Soucy, whose songwriting taps at the pulse of the soul of human experience, but never dips into journal-entry pathos,Cliff Young, whose keyboards slide from roaring command to a mere hum of electricity, and Siiri Soucy, whose voice could draw a heart right out of its body. Eric Sanders adds the primal rhythm to the new TBL sound.

Influences as divergent as a childhood steeped in church music, hip hop, rap, and the classical education that Cliff Young and Siiri Soucy brought to the band, turned Garrett's ear for melody and undeniable writing talent into something extraordinary.


Believe It

Written By: Garrett Soucy

Believe it. It's not your vision; it's the season. I keep on reaching; but the
ceiling just keeps on teasing. I needed this -- a warmer climate for my
weakness; but still the winter quickly freezes, and i am still my own worst

'Already we've driven past where i was heading; but i'll keep riding if you let
me,' says the prodigal to the Prince of Peace. I . . . all i need is just to be
thine. And all my futures at the same time will crease ther bellows o'er the
coals you've strewn.

Come on Babe

Written By: Garrett Soucy

Come on, babe . . . call my bluff. I'm ready to come home. Punch out the numbers
and dial me up. I'm waiting by the phone.
This is not the enlightenment, babe, no. This is resting just above. This is not
the romance, babe. This is the renaissance of our love.

Gasoline and the engine sparks. The horses are on fire. Hold your breath now
babe, this is just the start. The smoke always conceals the pyre.
This is not a handcuff, babe. Not a chain, but an ancient glove. This is not a
shackle, babe. It's just the clenching of our love.

Cloistered here amidst the pines where we lose the sky to blue. Come on, babe .
. . and cut my hair. I'll lose my strength to you.
Listen closely, it's not a crow -- no. It's a softly cooing dove. This is not a
bird of death; it's the bluebird of our love.

Little Lost and Lonely

Written By: Garrett Soucy

It's only me: little lost and lonely. Open fire on me, holding nothing back. I
ain't gonna sleep; but i might wander. I might drink my thirst into some desert
slumber. I won't choke. And I don't blame you, if you catch some robin's wing
and move on over.
It's better to forget than live with regret.

What's a bullet shell doing in your pocket? What are the words 'i miss you'
doing on your lips? Where's the photograph you said that you cherished? How's
it feel to know that you love an image that is held in time. And it's all just
a lie: nobody always smiles. Even on the silver screen there's a sad scene that
makes you cry.
It's better to forget than live with regret.
Its better to forget than fight the memory.


Works of Mercy - 2001
Postcards from Rome - 2003
Of the Black & the Blue- 2005
There is a Vine - 2006

Set List

Can play from 30 minutes to 2 hours: one break, two breaks, or no breaks, depending on environment. All original material.