Tree City

Tree City

 Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
BandHip Hop

Tree City is a four-man Hip-Hop group, consisting of 3 MC's and 1 DJ. Our style pays homage to the boom bap era of the past, yet still hints towards the future. We are known for witty lyrics, catchy hooks, energetic stage performances and tag-team chemistry, drawing inspiration from our hometown


Tree City is an Ann Arbor, Michigan based hip-hop group comprised of 3 MC's and a DJ/MC (Cheeks, Clavius Crates, General P., and DJ Cataclysmic). Formed in 2005, they've been supplying eardrums with their unique brand of hip-hop ever since, releasing their debut "The TreE.P." in June 2007 and the "Black Trees" mixtape in Dec. 2008, both of which received critical acclaim.

On June 12, 2010, the group released its first full-length project, "Thus Far". A collection of tracks recorded over the span of nearly 4 years, "Thus Far" aims to be just that- a sweeping representation of Tree City's artistic growth over time.

"Thus Far" includes collaborations with talented local producers, including 14KT (of the Lab Techs), Doc Illingsworth (Detroit CYDI), Ashod, and Hir-O, as well as international talents, including Blaze One (Canada) and Oznoh (Spain).

Tree City has opened for acts such as Killah Priest, Qwel (Typical Cats), Buff1, Phat Kat, My Dear Disco, The Macpodz, Brother Ali, Rafael Casal, OneBeLo, Blueprint, Dante', Vertual Vertigo, Dan Deacon, Childbite, Bronze Nazareth, Finale , Invincible, Yoshi, USM, and the Abolitionists. Former members include Man In Charge and Verseatyle.


"What is so endearing about this group--I know I'm gushing now--is that they embrace the truly classic material that paved their paths, rather than overstepping their boundaries by trying to redo it...If the landscape of hip-hop was a playing field, these Ann Arbor-based musicians would be champions. Or, at least, Big Ten Champs."

- Justin 'Tha Shiznute' Chandler (2008)

"Tree City has been kept quiet for far too long and deserves a broader exposure outside the harsh winters and boiling hot summers (especially during the numerous blackouts) one can find in Eastern Michigan...A lot of upcoming hip-hop artists sound like they're one producer and one hit from being internationally known, but with Tree City the sound quality suggests they should be household names already."

-Steve 'Flash' Juon (2010)


The TreE.P. (2007)

Black Trees (Mixtape) (2008)

Thus Far (2010)

Definement [Single] (2011)

Set List

The Tree City set list typically ranges earlier material from Thus Far to brand new material from their upcoming project,with producer Michael Dykehouse (Ghostly International). Tree City has 30+ songs that are readily available to perform, but some usual songs in rotation are: Move, Rubble Drums, Lean On Me, Say it Again, Transit, Definement and many others

Tree City performs single sets and they can range from 20 minutes- 45 minutes.